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An Innovator's Guide to Startups and Corporate Ventures

472 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Venturing prepares students to:

- Create strategic market focus, through creative market segmentation, understanding perceived and latent needs, and benchmarking competitors' product and service offerings.

- Create value-rich products and services, developed by first formulating a new product and service strategy, and then, implementing the strategy with common platforms that leverage technology into closely related market applications.

- Understand branding as a key competitive asset in technology-intensive markets.

- Create a robust management team, where the founder quickly complements him or herself with fellow executives as skilled in different disciplines as he or she might be in technology or marketing.

- Develop pragmatic financing strategies and business models that embrace a stream of venture financing, an appreciation and careful management of cash, and a clear understanding and planning of exit strategies for the entrepreneurial team.

Part I. Defining the Venture Concept
1. Identifying Your Industry, The Target Sector in the Industry, and Type of Business
2. Developing the Venture Concept
3. Getting Into The Hearts and Minds of the Target Customers
4. Defining the Business Model for a Venture
5. Transforming a Product or Service Idea Into a Product Line and Service Strategy
6. Positioning Your Venture: Thinking Deeply About Competitors and Customers
7. A Reality Check on the Venture Concept and the Business Model
Part II. Writing the Business Plan and Making the Pitch
8. Sources of Finance for Startups and Corporate Ventures
9. Projecting the Financial Performance and Requirements for the Venture
10. Organizing the Venture Team
11. Writing the Business Plan!
12. Making the Pitch
Venture Cases
About the Authors

Looking to make a link between the processes inherent (and teachable) within innovation and subsequently entrepreneurship. I am starting the class involvement with chapter 4 which makes the crucial link of putting the business model genration between the idea and the financial plan phase of planning. I will see how the class accept the material and approach it may need it a bit of anglicising for my purpose but the material deals with the right issues for this module.

Mr Timothy Dee
The Business School, Canterbury Christ Church University
October 31, 2012

Looked like a good fit for the material to be covered.

Mr David Price
School Of Business, Washburn University
August 6, 2012

This book would help our students, and also have good case study.

Mr Hendry Hartono
BINUS Entrepreneurship Center, BINUS University
June 19, 2012

I think this is a good text - one that I hope to use in the future. It is well written and covers many important topics.

Mr Ron Staebell
Business Division, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
March 7, 2011

Marc H. Meyer

Marc H. Meyer is the Robert J. Shillman professor of Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, as well as a Matthews Distinguished University Professor. Dr. Meyer is the founder of Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group in the College of Business Administration, where he has helped numerous students and alumni start their own companies. He is also director of High Tech MBA, a program focused on innovation within established corporations. He also helps direct Northeastern’s Center of Entrepreneurship Education, an interdisciplinary, experiential “system of entrepreneurship” where undergraduates, graduate students... More About Author

Frederick G. Crane

Frederick G. Crane is an executive professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the College of Business at Northeastern University, Editor of the Journal of the Academy of Business Education, and co-founder of Ceilidh Insights LLC, an innovation management training, intellectual property consulting, and consumer insight company. He was formerly a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire and a chair and full professor at Dalhousie University. He currently teaches courses in entrepreneurship, innovation, and entrepreneurial marketing.His academic research activities have resulted in more than 100... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.