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Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector

Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector

May 2007 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written for students and practitioners of social entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector is about the opportunity and challenge of applying leadership skills and entrepreneurial talents creatively and appropriately to create social value. This book spans a range of social enterprise activity, using international examples from nonprofit-making to social purpose for-profits settings, with a primary focus on the social entrepreneurial process itself. This casebook is designed to develop knowledge and skills for creating, leading, or supporting social purpose organizations and to achieving maximum impact through social entrepreneurship.
1. Social Entrepreneurship: Need and Opportunity
2. The Social Entrepreneurship Process
Steve Mariotti and NFTE

The September 11th Fund: The Creation

3. Navigating the Philanthropic Labyrinth
Peninsula Community Foundation

New Schools Venture Fund

4. Earning Your Own Way

Newman's Own

5. Crafting Alliances
Guide Dogs for the Blind


6. Managing Growth

Sustainable Conservation- Where Next?

7. Performance Management for Entrepreneurial Organizations
Playgrounds and Performance: Results Management at Kaboom!

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy


"Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector provides an excellent overview of the many tools available to the entrepreneur to advance his or her mission, and it discusses many of the problems that organizations and their managers encounter at different points of a growth process."

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

"The emerging field of social entrepreneurship has been crying out for a definitive textbook. With clarity, insight, and a strong practical orientation, the authors of Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector have set the gold standard for many years to come."

Professor J. Gregory Dees
Duke University

"The past thirty years have witnessed a remarkable revolution in which entrepreneurs – people like Bob Swanson at Genentech, Steve Jobs at Apple, and Meg Whitman at eBay - have transformed the business landscape around the world. A parallel revolution of at least equal importance has taken place in the social sector in which tens of thousands of organizations have been created with social missions ranging from curing disease to improving education to alleviating global warming. But, how do these social ventures get going? How do they attract capital to launch and grow? How do they measure their performance? In short, how do they accomplish their mission? In Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector, Jane Wei-Skillern, James Austin, Herman Leonard, and Howard Stevenson provide insights into these issues by combining powerful frameworks for decision-making with detailed case studies on important social ventures. The book is helpful to those launching or managing such organizations and to those who support their efforts through donations and board membership. Society needs these ventures to succeed – all involved would benefit from reading this book."

William A. Sahlman
Harvard Business School

"This is so much more than a casebook! Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector offers a grounded and insightful conceptualization of the key challenges and fundamental processes of social entrepreneurship. It also presents practical frameworks for analyzing both, across a wide range of organizations. This book should be on the shelf of every aspiring and successful social entrepreneur."

James A. Phills, Jr.
Stanford University

Too specialised for the group.

Mrs Sharon Gayter
Business School, Teesside University
February 18, 2021

This text provide students with great insight into the field of social entrepreneurship.

Mr Lakimja Mattocks
Public Affairs, Baruch College
December 17, 2013

Appears to be a very cogent primary text for the course.

Professor Allen Knight
Gainey School of Business, Spring Arbor University
August 28, 2013

I will be directing students to this text as recommended reading in the following academic year. My overview of the text is that it represents a very progressive text in the area of social entrepreneurship with a practical orientation.

Ms Jillian Gordon
Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University
March 12, 2010

Excellent source of information for
teachers and students!

Mr Bertrand Gillett
Business Administration , Corozal Junior College
December 17, 2009

Jane C. Wei-Skillern

Jane Wei-Skillern is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the General Management Unit and Social Enterprise Group at the Harvard Business School. She teaches her MBA elective, Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector at Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government. She also teaches in the HBS Social Enterprise executive education program, Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management (SPNM). Professor Wei-Skillern earned her B.S. in Business from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in Business Research and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, both from the Graduate... More About Author

James E. Austin

Dr. Austin is the Eliot I. Snider and Family Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School. Previously he held the John G. McLean Professorship and the Richard Chapman Professorship. He has been a member of the Harvard University faculty since 1972. He was the Co-Founder and Chair of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative. Prof. Austin has been the author, co-author, or editor of 16 books. He has taught courses on Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector, Governance of Nonprofit Organizations, Management in Developing Countries, Agribusiness, Business Ethics, International Business, Business-Government Relations,... More About Author

Herman Leonard

Herman B. ("Dutch") Leonard is Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and the George F. Baker, Jr. Professor of Public Sector Management at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. In addition, he serves as faculty co-chair of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative. He teaches extensively in executive programs at the Business School and the Kennedy School and around the world in the areas of general organizational strategy, governance, performance management, crisis management and leadership, and corporate social responsibility. His work on leadership focuses on innovation, creativity, effective... More About Author

Howard H. Stevenson

Howard Stevenson is the Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, Senior Associate Dean, Director of Publication Activities, and the Vice Provost for Harvard University Planning and Resources. A member and former chair of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit, he has served as the School’s Senior Associate Dean and Director of External Relations, chair of the Latin American Faculty Advisory Group, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Financial and Information Systems, and faculty chair of Executive Education’s Owner/President Manager (OPM) Program. Professor Stevenson’s research focuses on the life... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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