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Entrepreneurial Policies and Strategies

Entrepreneurial Policies and Strategies
The Innovator's Choice

First Edition
  • Mathew J Manimala - Former Professor and Chairperson, OB-HRM Area, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, India

Volume: 3

April 1999 | 344 pages | SAGE Response
Based on first-hand observation, interviews, published case studies and an extensive literature research, this pioneering book provides a novel theoretical perspective on the strategies and policy orientations of innovative new ventures.
New Venture Policies and Strategies
Relevance and Significance

The Pioneering-Innovative Entrepreneurial Venture
PI Entrepreneurship
Situational Determinants versus Strategic Choice

Policies, Strategies and Heuristics
New Venture Strategies
High and Low PI Groups

Entrepreneurial Orientations
Entrepreneurial Innovation
The Empirical Concept and its Linkages with Heuristics

Entrepreneurial Subtypes

Mathew J. Manimala

Mathew J. Manimala (MBA, Cochin; MBSc., Manchester; and Fellow IIMA) has had an illustrious academic career spanning over three decades. His last position was as the Director of Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore. Prior to joining XIME in July 2015, he was Professor of Organization Behaviour and Chairperson of OB-HRM area at IIMB, where he has also served as the Jamuna Raghavan Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship and as the Chairperson of N. S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL). His earlier academic positions were at the Administrative Staff College of... More About Author

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