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Engaging Troubling Students

Engaging Troubling Students
A Constructivist Approach

  • Scot Danforth - San Diego State University, Chapman University, USA, Ohio State University
  • Terry Jo Smith - National Louis University, USA

March 2014 | 336 pages | Corwin
This book is designed for both special and general teachers faced with managing classrooms with emotionally and behaviourally troubled students. It emphasizes a growing trend in special education by taking a constructivist approach to classroom management and moving away from the traditional behavioural approach. The book begins with a very comprehensive introduction both behavioural practice and EBD students, and quickly moves to a critical definition of constructivsim
About the Authors
Teaching as Relationship

About This Book

Outline of the Book

Part I: Conceptual and Historical Foundations
1. Examining Child and School Behaviors
2. Introducing Critical Constructivism
3. Creating a Participatory Classroom Community
Part II: The Pedagogies of Constructivism
4. Adopting a Caring Pedagogy
5. Working Together
6. Reflective Teaching
Part III: Programs and Practices
7. Using Conflict Resolution as Instruction
8. Implementing the KEYS Program for Students With E/BD
9. Working With Families
10. Considering Inclusive Education
11. Honoring and Developing Ourselves as Teachers

"Engaging Troubled Children is the first book for preservice teachers in special education that is substantial enough to be a primary course textbook that does not objectify troubled students by delineating a host of degrading labels and distancing and alienating technical interventions."

Ellen Brantlinger, Professor, Special Education and Curriculum
Indiana University

"Danforth and Smith have written an exceptional book on educating ‘troubling’ students. It is a clear alternative to current books on educating children with emotional and behavioral disorders, most of which are based on behavioral theories. They offer practical guidance, well illustrated with stories from their own experiences on collaboration, working with families, conflict resolution, social support for students, providing a caring pedagogy, and teacher development."

James L. Paul, Professor, Special Education
University of South Florida

Those educators who wish to transform their classroom into a creative, cooperative setting, who wish to enable their students to construct personal and social meaning in their lives, who wish to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with their students, and who wish to change not only those troubling students but the teachers' own lives will not find better reading or a more useful resource and practical guide.

Education Review, April 2005

Scot Edward Danforth

Dr. Scot Danforth is well-known leader in the growing area of Disability Studies in Education, a multidisciplinary field of educational research exploring disabilities as sociopolitical constructions and construing the disabled community as an oppressed minority group. He is co-founder of the Disability Studies in Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association ( His research has explored the roles of professional and layperson discourses in the social and political construction of disability. Additionally, his publications have analyzed the historical and philosophical... More About Author

Terry Jo Smith

Terry Jo Smith is an Associate Professor of Special Education at National Louis-University in Chicago.  She has extensive experience teaching students labeled emotionally/behaviorally disordered in inner-city schools.  She has an abiding interest in teacher research, particularly in relationship to the social, cultural and political dimensions of schooling and how these are enacted in school relationships and curriculum.  She has worked with a group of teacher/researchers for several years, researching the impact of constructivist pedagogy in a broad range of educational settings.  Currently, she is engaging in research... More About Author

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