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Co-creating Organizational Vitality and Individual Fulfilment

First Edition

January 2019 | 352 pages | SAGE Response

The salient organizational development challenge in modern times is that of building a highly engaged workforce that is committed, productive and innovative. 

Employees wish to give their very best at work. Organizations also make every effort to provide an atmosphere where people can do their best. However, despite intensive efforts from both sides, engagement still remains elusive.

This book emphasizes the role that the employee and the institution need to play, in order to make people engagement possible. It spells out a novel engagement paradigm that starts from the fundamentals i.e. the intrinsic nature of the human being and the basic nature of organizational work in modern society.

The text goes on to identify an appreciative culture and a holistic structure as the two foundational pillars that support people engagement in organizations. The engagement capabilities that are required for fulfilling the responsibilities at each organizational level are then articulated in great detail.

Through numerous originally developed process frameworks, accompanied by several comprehensive organizational case studies drawn from across the world, the book illustrates how people engagement actually happens in practice. The goal is to show how organizational vitality may be seamlessly created alongside individual fulfillment.

Foreword by Dr Rajiv Kumar
The Engaged Organization
Case Study: Patagonia

The Engagement Imperative
The Individual Human Being
The Nature of Work
The Appreciative Culture
Case Study: The Tata Group

The Holistic Structure
Case Study: Whole Foods Market

Individual Excellence
Case Study: Apple Inc.

Supervisory Acumen
Case Study: Narayana Health

Managerial Efficacy
Case Study: The Aravind Eye Care System

Entrepreneurial Synergy
Case Study: Interface Inc.

Transformational Leadership
Case Study: ITC Limited

Mentorship Mastery
Case Study: Jaipur Rugs


A practical account of how to solve a vexing problem, viz. that of building engaged employees. This is a different kind of book that could change the approach to the issue of people engagement. Certainly worth the time and the price.

R. Gopalakrishnan,
CEO, The Mindworks

For sustained business outperformance in the ‘new normal’, it is vital that we create an organizational culture which unleashes the human potential.

A critical determinant will be the level of employee engagement, and Dr Maheshwari does an excellent job of exploring employee engagement through a multidimensional and holistic lens. Readers will get an in-depth understanding of the seven accountability levels and the challenges posed at each level. 

Be it a small-team leader or a C-level executive, all will be able to relate to this book and use the learnings to shift their performance to the ‘next orbit’.

Rajeev Dubey,
Group President (HR and Corporate Services) and CEO (After-Market Sector), Member of the Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Engage! vividly brings out the fact that while organizations are built mostly for economic value creation, they thrive only when the human ‘spirit’ is deeply engaged towards the fulfilment of the institutional purpose and objectives. A beautiful blend of logic and creativity, it delineates how the role holders at every accountability level must carry out their respective mandates in an appreciative cultural milieu. All this adds up creating a ‘perfectly engaged organization’. 

This text captures the best of Western as well as Indian philosophy of development in order to create an impeccable engagement paradigm. It brings out the true essence of a Sanskrit shloka which means that there is no alphabet without meaning; no root without medicinal property; no person without ability. But rare is the manager or leader who can connect, organize and utilize immense human potential so as to harness latent human talent towards the creation of ‘individual and organizational excellence’. 

D. V. Shastry,
Director (Personnel), Electronics Corporation of India Ltd

The book offers a novel vision to all individuals. In a world where being part of an organization is easy, but feeling like one is hard, it helps us to understand how the most benevolent organizations have the most engaged employees and self-fulfilled individuals. The book puts the idea of engagement as well as individual aims, wishes and health at the same level and gives insights on how both can be achieved simultaneously. The author never digresses from his objective and takes the readers step by step to the making of an engaged organization.

Navneet Saluja,
Managing Director, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd

‘Employees are nurtured by an appreciative culture that is deeply informed by the highest aspirations of human nature’, as Dr Maheshwari rightly mentions in this book, is one of the essential takeaways for all the CEOs and CXOs who want to build ideal organizations. The book provides frameworks to architect an engaged organization without being preachy. Through well-researched case studies, Sunil brings life to his main theory that appreciative culture and holistic structure are the main pillars of an ideal, engaged organization. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand how organizations excel.

Professor Debashis Chatterjee,
Author of Timeless Leadership

Sunil Maheshwari

Dr Sunil Maheshwari is the dean of Samatvam Academy—based in Gurugram, Haryana. He has facilitated executive education at a large number of corporations and institutions in India and abroad. His developmental expertise was honed in the course of an extensive corporate career with RPG Enterprises, Gillette, Wipro Corporation, the Tata Group and Ernst & Young in various human resources/organizational development roles. Dr Maheshwari is also a graduate of the certificate programme in Yoga education from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai. He has comprehensively taught and researched the role of Yogic sciences in delivering health,... More About Author

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