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Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World

Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World

Four Volume Set
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February 2011 | 2 016 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World looks at women today and delves into contexts of being female in the 21st century. The scope of the Encyclopedia focuses on women's status starting approximately in the year 2000 and going forward. From A-to-Z, this work will cover the spectrum of defining women in the contemporary world.

Signed entries (with cross-references and recommended readings) cover the full range of issues in contemporary women's studies, with volumes including information relevant to the following academic disciplinary contexts: arts and media; business and economics; criminal justice; education; family studies; health; media; military; politics; science and technology; sports; religion; and women in different cultures and countries.

"Aside from providing useful information for researchers, [it]...acknowledges the progress made by women, but it also points to how much more needs to be done...Needless to say, this title will prove a useful and highly-appropriate resource for academic libraries supporting women, gender, and feminist studies."

Tom Gilson
College of Charleston
Against the Grain

"The value of Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World lies in its focus on current popular topics."

Saundra Lipton
University of Calgary
Theological Librarianship: An Online Journal of the American Theological Library Association

"I would recommend this online encyclopedia for reference collections geared primarily toward undergraduate students, as it is a wonderful jumping-off point for their exploration of the diverse opportunities and challenges facing women in today's world."- Amanda Swygart-Hobaugh, Georgia State University, Librarian for Sociology, Anthropology, and Gerontology

Amanda Swygart-Hobaugh
Georgia State University
Feminist Collections

Mary Zeiss Stange

My primary field of preparation is the history of Christianity, particularly post-Enlightenment. My teaching interests are intrinsically cross-disciplinary. In religion they include religion and culture studies, contemporary American religion, theology, religion and ecology, and feminist studies in religion. In addition to teaching in the religion curriculum, I also teach courses on feminist theories and methodologies, ecofeminism, and global and transnational feminism. In my pedagogy, as in my research and writing, I therefore move freely among women’s and gender studies, environmental studies and international affairs. More About Author

Carol K. Oyster

Jane E. Sloan

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