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Encyclopedia of U.S. - Latin American Relations

Encyclopedia of U.S. - Latin American Relations

Three Volume Set

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May 2016 | 1 120 pages | CQ Press
No previous work has covered the web of important players, places and events that have shaped the history of the United States' relations with its neighbours to the south. From the Monroe Doctrine through today's tensions with Latin America's new leftist governments, this history is rich in case studies of diplomatic, economic and military cooperation and contentiousness.

Encyclopedia of U.S.-Latin American Relations is a comprehensive, three-volume, A-to-Z reference featuring more than 800 entries detailing the political, economic and military interconnections between the United States and the countries of Latin America, including Mexico and the nations in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Entries cover:

- each country and its relationship with the United States

- key politicians, diplomats and revolutionaries in each country

- wars, conflicts and other events

- policies and treaties

-organizations central to the political and diplomatic history of the western hemisphere

Key topics covered include:

- coups and terrorist organizations

- United States military interventions in the Caribbean

- Mexican-American War

- The Cold War, communism and dictators

- The war on drugs in Latin America

- Panama Canal

- Embargo on Cuba

- Pan-Americanism and Inter-American conferences

- the role of coffee, bananas, copper and oil

- 'Big Stick' and Good Neighbour policies

- impact of religion in U.S.-Latin American relations

- neoliberal economic development model

- United States Presidents from John Quincy Adams to Barack Obama

- Latin American leaders from Simon Bolivar to Hugo Chavez.

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"This resource is by far the most comprehensive gathering of information about the political and economic interactions between the United States and countries in Central and South America over the past 200-plus years."

John Peters
Formerly with NYPL
Library Journal

"This encyclopedia is a welcome addition to the reference literature on Latin America, filling a need that has been ignored...This is a well-conceived, quality reference tool that will be an important addition to academic and public libraries with collections in international relations and Latin America...Highly recommended."

M.L. Grover
Brigham Young University
CHOICE Magazine

Thomas M. Leonard, PhD, CBSP

Jurgen Buchenau

Kyle Longley

Graeme Mount

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ISBN: 9780872897625

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