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Encyclopedia of School Health

Encyclopedia of School Health

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September 2013 | 744 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Children spend more time at school than anywhere else except home; thus, schools can have a major effect on children's health by providing a healthy physical environment, serving meals and snacks built around sound nutritional guidelines, and teaching about health, as well as modeling and promoting healthy behaviors. School health services programs involve not only school nurses and focus not only on nursing practice, standards, and performance issues; they also include services and classes to teach students the information and skills they need to become health-literate, to maintain and improve their health, to prevent disease, and to reduce risky behaviors impacting health. School nurses, teachers, administrators, health coordinators, guidance counselors and social workers all join with parents in safeguarding and promoting the health and well-being of school-aged children as a basic foundation for academic success. The Encyclopedia of School Health offers quick access to health and wellness information most relevant to children in America's K-12 school setting. You'll find valuable guidance on developmental stages, acute and chronic illnesses, special education, nutrition, crisis response, prevention, and more.

David C. Wiley

David C. Wiley, PhD, MCHES, is a professor of health education and health education graduate coordinator at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He is a lifelong health educator who has focused his professional career on addressing health issues of adolescents. He was the lead author on comprehensive studies on the status of sex education in Texas (Just Say Don’t kNOw: The Status of Sex Education in Texas Public Schools) and South Carolina public schools (A Sterling Opportunity: 25 Years After the Comprehensive Health Education Act), respectively. Dr. Wiley is the past-president of ASHA and TSHA. He currently serves on the board of... More About Author

Amy C. Cory

Amy C. Cory, PhD, RN, is an assistant professor of nursing at Valparaiso University. Her area of expertise is in maternal child health with specialization in school health. Currently she serves as a child care health consultant in early care and education settings and as a school health consultant on several coordinated school health advisory councils. Dr. Cory has experience as a school nurse and as a pediatric nurse practitioner in school-based health centers. Dr. Cory is editor of Staff Health in Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home Child Care (3rd ed.). She has several... More About Author

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