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Encyclopedia of Media Violence

Encyclopedia of Media Violence
One-Volume Set

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October 2013 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Does violence on a movie, TV, or computer screen or in a song lyric beget violence in the streets?á What about aggression and violence in televised sporting events?á What are the known effects of violence in the media on the developing mind of a young child?á Do rating systems and warning labels help in the effort to keep overtly violent materials out of the hands of childrenùor do they act as magnets?á Where does violence in the media cross a line from legitimate entertainment and plot development to gratuitousness and even pornography?á How do we define media violence, and just how much is there?á What methodologies do behavioral scientists use to assess content and draw conclusions about effects, and how do we separate valid inferences from entrenched myths and assumptions?á How should findings from research studies be translated into public policy?á Studentsáare able to explore these questions and more in the two-volume Encyclopedia of Media Violence.á Entries examine theory, research, and debates as they relate to media violence in a manner that is accessible andájargon-free to help readers better understand questions from varied perspectives.á From ôAggressionö and ôAnimated Cartoonsö to ôV-chipsö and ôWar Toys,ö this work provides balanced, comprehensive coverage of this hot-button issue.Features &BAD:amp; Benefits: 134 signed entries are available both in print and electronically.Entries conclude with Cross-References and Suggestions for Further Readings to guide users to related entries and resources for further research.Although organized in A-to-Z fashion, a thematic ReaderÆs Guide in the front matter groups related entries by topic to make it easier for users to locate related entries of interest.In the electronic version, the Reader's Guide combines with the Cross-References and a detailed Index to facilitate search-and-browse.Appendices provide student researchers with a Resource Guide (annotated lists of classic books, journals, internet resources in the field, regulations and rating schemes, etc.).

"A comprehensive overview of media mayhem in a variety of forms, editor Eastin's compilation presents informative studies of theory, empirical data, and opinion on a contemporary public issue....This interesting and well-written reference is recommended for academic libraries, especially those supporting media or mass-communication programs."

Mary Ellen Snodgrass

"Violence in the media, a perennial research topic among undergraduate students, takes center stage in this one-volume encyclopedia. ... Contributors do an excellent job of treating a highly multidisciplinary topic, with entries culled from various disciplines, including communications, sociology, psychology, and media studies. Although this encyclopedia provides a solid foundation from which to explore emerging media, its focus is on violence in traditional media, such as music, television, and video games, in the US. Librarians will appreciate entries on such popular topics as cyber bullying, violent content in video games, and media violence-related legislation. ... Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates."
C. Springfield
Madison Area Technical College

"The Encyclopedia of Media Violence will be a tremendous resource to support specialized initial research for students new to the topic and courses with aligned content in communication studies, psychology, child development, sociology and other related fields. The strength of this book is in its readable articles that summarize scientific studies and that are written by experts in their fields covering everything from influence on advertising to  policies on use of weapons in violent media content to goals and effects of media rating systems.”

Jodi Kearns
The University of Akron
Reference Reviews

Matthew S. Eastin

Matthew S. Eastin (PhD, Michigan State University) is an associate professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on media behavior. From this perspective, he investigates message development, information processing, and the social and psychological factors associated with the use and effects of newer technology. In particular, Eastin has focused much of his research on video game engagement, including violence. Eastin has published approximately 70 research manuscripts. The Encyclopedia of Media Violence will be his third edited book. More About Author

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