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Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Two Volume Set
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July 2012 | 1 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Industrial and organizational psychologists help develop strategies that optimize human potential and build better organizations by focusing on the behaviours within specific environmental, technological and social environment of a workplace.

Industrial and organizational psychologists contribute to an organization's success by resolving its human problems and improving the performance and well-being of its people.

This encyclopedia presents a thorough overview of the cross-disciplinary field of industrial and organizational behaviour including: the development of individual employees; the factors of overall organizational structure; the use of psychology and the analysis of human behaviour which plays a significant roles in the contemporary workplace; workplaces increasingly impacted by government influences; growing consumer awareness; skill shortages; and the changing nature of the workforce.

Key themes include:



Ethical and Legal Issues;

Research Methods;

Measurement Theory and Statistics;

Industrial Psychology;

Understanding and Assessing Individual Differences;

Employment, Staffing and Career Issues;

Developing, Training and Evaluating Employees;

Productive and Counterproductive Employee Behaviour;

Organizational Psychology;

Motivation and Job Design;

Leadership and Management;

Groups, Teams and Working with Others;

Employee Well-Being and Attitudes;

Organizational Structure, Design and Change;

Professional Organizations and Related Fields.

"This excellent resource is as useful for students as for researchers and field practitioners needing information on research methods, training and development, staffing and organizational development, and team building. Strongly recommended for public and academic libraries."

Anita N. Jennings
Newport News P. L., VA

"Written in accessible language, this new work is most appropriate for undergraduates and graduate students seeking to understand the concepts basic to the field, but it will be helpful for researchers and practitioners in need of straightforward explanations of I/O psychology concepts. Essential."

M. sylvia
St. Mary's University

"I found the Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology to be an invaluable asset to any personal or professional reference library. Readers are sure to find it easy to navigate and its entries easy to understand."

Richard D. Harvey

Steven G. Rogelberg

Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg holds the title of Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte for distinguished national, international, and interdisciplinary contributions. He is a Professor of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology as well as the Director of Organizational Science. He has over 100 publications and over 100 invited speeches/colloquiums addressing issues such as team effectiveness, leadership, engagement, health and employee well-being, meetings at work, and organizational research methods. More About Author

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