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Encyclopedia of Geography

Encyclopedia of Geography

Six Volume Set
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September 2014 | 3 560 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With more than 1,200 entries, the Encyclopedia of Geography reflects how the growth of geography has propelled a demand for intermediaries between the abstract language of academia and the ordinary language of everyday life. The six volumes of this encyclopedia encapsulate a very diverse array of topics to offer a comprehensive and useful summary of the state of the discipline in the early 21st century.

This encyclopedia strategically reflects the enormous diversity of the discipline, the multiple meanings of space itself, and the diverse views of geographers. It brings together the diversity of geographical knowledges, making it an invaluable resource for any academic library.

The Encyclopedia divides the subject into six broad subject areas:

- Physical Geography

• Biogeography

• Climatology

• Geomorphology

- Human Geography

• Economic Geography

• Geographical Theory

• Medical Geography

• Political Geography

• Social and Cultural Geography

• Urban Geography

- Nature and Society

• Agriculture

• Environment and People

• Hazards and Disasters

• Pollution and Waste

• Resources and Conservation

• Water

- Methods, Models and GIS

• Cartography


• Qualitative Techniques

• Quantitative Models

• Remote Sensing

- History of Geography

- People, Organizations and Movements

• Biographies

• Geographical Organizations

• Political and Economic Organizations

• Scientific Organizations

• Social Movements

Key Features:

- The Encyclopedia gives a concise historical sketch of geography's long, rich, and fascinating history

- It provides succinct summaries of trends such as globalization, environmental destruction, new geospatial technologies, and cyberspace.

- Hundreds of colour illustrations and images are provided that lend depth and realism to the text.

- A special map section is included.

- It will be available both in print and online.

"Gr 10 Up-.... [M]ore than 1200 entries range in topic from the geography of children to electronic atlases and primate cities. The expected coverage is provided too, in entries addressing economic geography, soil erosion, and figures such as medieval geographer al-Idrisi.... Volume 6 boasts an 18-page atlas that includes crisp political maps of the world and the continents, a topographical map of the world, and a spread discussing and illustrating, in rich color, various world-map projections....[S]tudents of geography and other areas of social science...will appreciate the work’s thoroughness and its plentiful statistics, and color charts, photographs, and, of course, maps."-School Library Journal

Henrietta Thornton-Verma
School Library Journal

"Articles are wide-ranging, approachable, and detailed without being burdensome; most are several pages long. Examples include 'animal geographies,' 'coal,' 'e-commerce and geography,' 'gender and nature,' 'mental maps,' and 'wise use movement.' See also references, additional reading, color illustrations, and an atlas section are included. BOTTOM LINE ....[M]edium and large institutions will probably want to acquire the SAGE title."-Library Journal

Lura Sanborn
St. Paul's Sch. Lib., NH

"This offering from SAGE is an excellent compilation of the subject in its present form that far outstrips all of the other encyclopedic resources on geography that might be on your shelves or database lists.... This is a beautiful encyclopedia, well put together, and nicely illustrated. It would be an essential purchase for any academic institution with a geography department, and something to be strongly considered by large public libraries. Also available as an e-book."-BOOKLIST (starred review)


"Essential. A must for academic libraries and larger public libraries;lower-division undergraduates, upper-division undergraduates, and general readers."

K. P. McDonough
Northern Michigan University

"The online version is fairly easy to use with a simple interface and navigation. A researcher would not need a lot of time to conduct research in this source. The ability to link from further readings, related topics and see also articles can assist in finding appropriate topic and/or more information."

William A. Garrett
Troy University
Social Sciences

Barney L. Warf

I am a human geographer with exceptionally wide-ranging interests. Over the years, in different professional capacities, I have had the opportunity to study a diverse plethora of topics in economic, political, and social geography. Running throughout this panoply is my interest in political economy as it pertains to the construction of space and place. I have consciously sought to position myself within the discipline at the intersections of traditional economic geography and contemporary social theory. I have found keeping a leg in each camp to be rewarding and fruitful. In this vein, my work straddles traditional quantitative, empirical... More About Author

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