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Enchanting a Disenchanted World

Enchanting a Disenchanted World
Continuity and Change in the Cathedrals of Consumption

Third Edition

December 2009 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Enchanting a Disenchanted World, Third Edition is about Disney, about malls, about Cruise Lines, Las Vegas, the World Wide Web, Planet Hollywood, Credit Cards, and all other ways we now consume.

Its thesis is that our society has undergone fundamental change because of the way and the level at which we consume. In the process of taking capitalism to a new level, we have created new "cathedrals" of consumption (places which enchant us in order to stay longer and consume more), but these "places" of consumption (whether in our home or at the mall or in cyberspace) are in a constant state of "enchanting the disenchanted" because their rational qualities are both necessary and deadening at the same time, in a constant state of "luring" us through new "spectacle."

In the process of understanding this paradox of (post) modern life, readers understand how the classic social theorists from the past (Marx and Weber) are still very relevant to understanding this social development, as are the post-modern theorist (Beaudrillard and Focault) as well. The recent economic recession will be discussed throughout the book.

There are no other "trade-like" books appealing to undergraduates, which combine this ability to connect the "everyday world" of the "20-something consumer" with sociological analysis.

Features & Benefits

- Enchanting a Disenchanted World is a unique analysis of the world of consumption, especially the settings in which consumption takes place, of interest to students, laypeople and scholars alike.

- The impact of the current global recession will be discussed throughout the text.

- Offers rich detail on consuming in such places as Las Vegas, Disney World, on cruise ships, in Wal-Mart, at McDonald's, and, new to this edition, on the Web.

- A wide range of theoretical perspectives- Marxian, Weberian, critical theory, postmodern theory- are employed, as well as a number of concepts such as hyperconsumption, implosion, simulation, time and space to show students how sociological theory can be applied to everyday phenomena.

1. A Tour of the New Means of Consumption
2. The Revolution in Consumption and the Larger Society
3. Social Theory and the New Means of Consumption
4. Rationalization, Enchantment, and Disenchantment
5. Reenchantment: Creating Spectacle Through Extravaganzas and Simulations
6. Reenchantment: Creating Spectacle Through Implosion, Time, and Space
7. Landscapes of Consumption
8. The Cathedrals (and Landscapes) of Consumption: Continuity and Change

May be supplemental with another text.

Ms Rachael Smith
Criminology Crimal Justice, Arizona Univ
October 23, 2013

Adopted two other books (The Social Lens and Illuminating Social Life) published by Sage that substantively covers the core ideas in this text.

Dr James Dzisah
Sociology , Nipissing Univ
October 18, 2011

I have used Ritzer's Enchanting a Disenchanted World for perhaps 4 years now. I use it for three reasons: 1) it demonstrates Marx, Weber, and Baudriallrd so that students see theorizing being done; 2) it imaginatively and cogently addresses an issue with which we are all familiar; 3) it shows sociology's critical potential and capacity.

Brad Breems

Dr Brad Breems
Sociology Dept, Trinity Christian College
March 15, 2011

This is an accessible but thorough discussion of 'consumer society' - a key text for today's social theory students.

Dr Serena Bufton
School of Social Science & Law, Sheffield Hallam University
September 21, 2010

This is a great follow-up from Ritzer and for many students offers an alternative perspective towards neo-liberal critiques. In addition, it offers another way of thinking about the impact of social orders on changes and trends within and accross a range of community practices.

Jane Jackson
Educational Psychology , The Open University
September 6, 2010

George Ritzer

George Ritzer is Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, where he has also been a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher and won a Teaching Excellence Award. He was awarded the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award by the American Sociological Association, an honorary doctorate from LaTrobe University in Australia, and the Robin Williams Lectureship from the Eastern Sociological Society. His best-known work, The McDonaldization of Society (8th ed.), has been read by hundreds of thousands of students over two decades and translated into over a dozen languages. Ritzer is also the editor of McDonaldization: The Reader... More About Author

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