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Enabling Technology for Inclusion

Enabling Technology for Inclusion

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July 1999 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What is enabling technology? How can enabling technology become a powerful tool for inclusion? What is inclusion anyway?

Enabling Technology for Inclusion is about the leading edge of best practice. It updates the debate on inclusive education, placing enabling technology within the context of universal design for learning and innovative thinking about social, physical, and cognitive inclusion. 

Mike Blamires
What Is Enabling Technology?
Peter Dorman
Enabling Learning
The Vital Role of Theory

Mike Blamires
Developing Literacy
Sally Paveley
Advocacy and Self-Advocacy
Colin Hardy
Raising Self-Esteem
Richard Walter
Developing Social Communication
Lesley Rahamim
Scaling Physical Barriers
John Lodge
Developing Curriculum Access Based on Sensory Approaches
Partial Sight and Blindness

Anne McDevitt
Developing Visual Approaches
Hearing Impairment and Deafness

Mike Blamires
Summary Themes

`To sum up, the book is well written and is definitely one that was missing from the area of special needs education. The possibilities of technology are changing and the requirements of good practice in responding to a diversity of needs are becoming more demanding than ever. In a period of too much "theorizing" in the area, I was overwhelmed by the range of information, hints, tips and useful advice contained in this book which could be of direct help to those on the "front line". I would strongly recommend the book to teachers, ICT co-ordinators, classroom assistants, therapists, as well as parents' - British Journal of Educational Psychology

`If you feel in need of quite a generalized "annual" as a starting point to cover the use of technology with special needs learners then this book may well be of interest.=' - Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning

`Mike Blamires has edited a useful volume of papers written by colleagues and others engaged in using technology to meet special educational needs.... Overall, this book is well aimed at special needs teachers, ICT coordinators and teachers in mainstream schools and I recommend it' - Computers and Education

"Overall, this book is well aimed at special needs teachers, ICT coordinators and teachers in mainstream schools, and I recommend it." 

David Hawkridge
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Computers and Education 34 (2000)

Mike Blamires