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Employee Relations Management

Employee Relations Management
Text and Cases

First Edition
  • D P Sahoo - Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, India
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Industrial Relations

January 2020 | 468 pages | SAGE Texts

This textbook focuses on the contemporary and critical issues of industrial relations with special reference to the changing trends in employer–employee relationship around the globe. 

Employee Relations Management discusses and details the theoretical and practical aspects of the labour market and management of industrial relations (IRs) in India and covers the legislative and managerial framework required to manage IR-related issues. The book introduces real-life cases from various Indian industries that highlight the major concerns facing Indian business organizations. These case studies are carefully designed to act as simulation exercises to showcase the context, the problems and their critical analyses. The students, thereby, would be able to generate various feasible solutions, which can then be assessed by the instructors for accuracy.

Key Features:

• Content designed to impart critical understanding of the present industrial situation

• Focused, case-based approach to enable readers to link real-life cases with concepts and theories

• Strategic aspects of employee relations management justified with instances and examples from the industries

• Contains 21 industrial contexts for classroom discussion and 38 real-life cases for classroom teaching


Part 1: Concept and the Industrial Relations Framework, Evaluation and the Present Trend
Industrial Relations, Concept and Theories
Emerging Trend of Industrial Relations in India
Part 2: Emerging Shifts in Industrial Relations in Organizations
Industrial Relations: The New Prospective
Part 3: Growth and Development of Trade Unions in India, Their Structure and Positions
Trade Unions: Theory and the Growth of Trade Unions in India
Trade Union Structure and Management
Part 4: Administrative Aspects of Industrial Relations
Collective Bargaining
Industrial Disputes and Grievance Redressal Mechanism
The Indian Labour Market
Managing Discipline in Industries and Disciplinary Procedure
Workers’ Participation in Management
Part 5: Industrial Relations in Emerging Industries and Impacts of International Bodies on Industrial and Employee Relations in India
Industrial Relations in IT and ITES Organizations
International Labour Organization

D P Sahoo

D. P. Sahoo, a doctorate in economics and postgraduate diploma holder in industrial relations (IR) and personal management, is currently Associate Professor in HR and OB at the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (since 2012).He has worked in various industries including the sugar factories of BIC, power sector (The Durgapur Projects Ltd, Durgapur), paper mills of Ballarpur Industries (BILT), an ITES organization (TechBooks) presently known as Aptara, The Doon School and joint ventures of Maruti (Bharat Seats Limited [BSL] and Machino Plastics). He has more than three decades of corporate experience in people management and... More About Author

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