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Emotions and Fieldwork

Emotions and Fieldwork

Volume: 28
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September 1993 | 80 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The place of emotions in research poses many dilemmas. Ignoring emotions can have significant costs for analysis and for competence as researchers. This volume explores the links between emotion and analysis: how the feelings of fieldworkers - about their professional identity, their work and the people they study - inform analyses. The conclusion offers an extended example from one of the authors' field studies to highlight how the emotions of the fieldworkers can enhance qualitative analyses.
Fieldworkers as Professionals
Immersion vs Analytic Ideals
Feelings about Participants

A fantastic insight into qualitative research that acknowledges the value and importance of researcher's emotions during the research process

Ms Irena Loveikaite
College Street Campus, Waterford Institute of Technology
July 7, 2016

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Sherryl Kleinman

Area of Interest:Symbolic Interaction, Social Psychology, Qualitative Research, Sociology of Emotions, Race, Class and Gender More About Author

Martha A. Copp

My current research involves interviewing scholars in a variety of fields about collaborative research. I’m learning about the assumptions that people in different disciplines make about collaboration, the pros and cons of collaborating with others, how they negotiate co-authorship, and how they think other researchers view their work. I got interested in this topic because I’ve co-authored several publications with colleagues over the years and enjoy it—although it’s quite different from solo research and writing. I’m also interested in social inequality, including my and my colleagues’ efforts to teach undergraduates about it. With my... More About Author

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