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Emotional Labor in the Service Economy

Emotional Labor in the Service Economy

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In todayÆs service economy, many jobs require that applicants have a smiling face, helpful disposition and the ability to interact in a friendly manner with others. Or in the case of law enforcement or bill collecting, an employee can be required to be less friendly and more harsh in his or her interaction with customers or criminals.''Jobs that require emotional labor typically necessitate contact with other people external to or within the organization, usually involving face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact, especially in service work. Emotional labor requires employees to give something of themselves to others with whom they have no ongoing personal relationship.''Emotional Labor in the Service Economy, a special issue of THE ANNALS, discusses the many aspects of emotional labor in a variety of job settings and cross-disciplinary examples. Articles in this important issue highlight:''''''· Emotional Demands at Work''· Financial Penalty for Doing Caring Work''+ Psychological Consequences of Emotional Labor''+ Rules Regulating Emotional Displays in Jobs or Job Requirements''Emotional labor has gained increased recognition as it grows to affect productivity and generates profit. This special issue of THE ANNALS is a valuable resource to researchers, scholars and professionals in all areas to provide insight into this important topic.
Ronnie J. Steinberg and Deborah M. Figart
Emotional Demands at Work: A Job Content Analysis
Ronnie J. Steinberg and Deborah M. Figart
Emotional Labor Since the Managed Heart
The Contours of Emotional Labor
Susan Himmelweit
Caring Labor
Paula England and Nancy Folbre
The Cost of Caring
Marjorie L. DeVault
Comfort and Struggle: Emotion Work in the Family Life
Emotional Labor on the Job
Gideon Kunda and John Van Maanen
Changing Scripts at Work: Managers and Professionals
Robin Leidner
Emotional Labor in Service Work
Marcia L. Bellas
Emotional Labor in Academia: The Case of Professors
Susan Ehrlich Martin
Police Force or Police Service? Gender and Emotional Labor
Jennifer L. Pierce
Emotional Labor Among Paralegals
Emotional Labor, Its Measurement and Repercussions
Ronnie J. Steinberg
Emotional Labor in Job Evaluation: Redesigning Compensation Practices
Amy S. Wharton
The Psychological Consequences of Emotional Labor

Ronnie J. Steinberg

Deborah M. Figart