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Emotion in Organizations

Emotion in Organizations

Second Edition
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304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This Second Edition contains key themes with all new contributors and is a completely separate work from the first. Emotion in Organization presents original work from leading scholars in the field, they approach emotion as a qualitative phenomenon, which shapes and is shaped by organizational life. Examining how emotion cannot be simply separated from thinking, judgment, decision-making and other so-called rational organizational processes, the book challenges us to build a passionate theory of organizations. The introduction reviews the expansion of organizational emotion studies and their appeal to several social-scientific disciplines. Divided into four parts, the book reveals through stories, interviews, confessions, ethnographies and observations the way feeling and emotion lie at the heart of organizational functioning.
Stephen Fineman
Emotional Arenas Revisited
Peter J Frost et al
Narratives of Compassion in Organizations
Lloyd E Sandelands and Connie J Boudens
Feelings at Work
Vincent R Waldron
Relational Experiences and Emotion at Work
Kathleen J Krone and Jayne M Morgan
Emotion Metaphors in Management
The Chinese Experience

Stephen Fineman
Commodifying the Emotionally Intelligent
Joanne Martin and Kathy Knopoff and Christine Beckman
Bounded Emotionally in the Body Shop
Varda Wasserman, Anat Rafaeli and Avi Kluger
Aesthetic Symbols as Emotional Clues
Debra E Meyerson
If Emotions Were Honoured
A Cultural Analysis

Blake E Ashforth and Marc A Tomiuk
Emotional Labour and Authenticity
Views from Service Agents

Michael G Pratt and Lorna Doucet
Ambivalent Feelings in Organizational Relationships
Robert Jackall
A Detective's Lot
Contours of Morality and Emotion in Police Work

Gillian Bendelow and Berry Mayall
How Children Manage Emotion at School
Karen P Harlos and Craig C Pinder
Emotions and Injustice in the Workplace
Stephen Fineman
Concluding Reflections

`This is an insightful book, showing, as it does, how organizational behaviour is so often bound with and affected by different emotions. [It] offers an in-depth understanding of the dynamics at work within organizations, but also offers ways forward for new researchers. [A]n original contribution to the area of occupational psychology. The book is appropriate for people who want to study organizational behaviour and occupational psychology. It is thought-provoking and practical' Reviews

Stephen Fineman

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