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Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching
Evidence and Practice

Third Edition

368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Praise for the previous edition:

"A small number of education books feel indispensable; this is warmly welcomed to the club. It's a magnificent survey of what educational research can tell us about nitty-gritty classroom issues." - Geoff Barton, Times Educational Supplement, Friday Magazine

This new edition updates the successful 2005 edition with the latest research on effective teaching and learning. Appropriate for primary and secondary education, the authors continue to provide a broad and comprehensive overview of what is now a large body of knowledge on effective teaching.

The authors maintain their user-friendly style and the structure which takes in generic teaching skills; teaching for specific goals; subject specific strategies and other classroom issues. Each chapter is built around opening learning objectives.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Offers updated research evidence
  • Provides a greater cultural breadth including international research
  • Presents diversity in the classroom; beliefs, values and behaviors
  • Covers 'assessment for learning' and 'personalizing learning'
  • Addresses cross-curricular teaching

End of chapter questions and an extensive reference list have also been included to encourage readers to become reflective practitioners.

This book is essential reading for education students as well as teachers and educational researchers.

Introduction: Effective Teaching - the British Research Reviewed
Theories of Learning and Intelligence
Direct Instruction
Interactive Teaching
Collaborative Small Group Work and Peer Tutoring
Constructivist Teaching
Teacher Beliefs, Values and Knowledge
Classroom Management
Behaviour Management
Classroom Climate
Effective Use of Homework
Problem-Solving and Higher-Order Thinking Skills
Developing Pupils' Social Skills
Enhancing Pupils' Self-Esteem and Self-Concept
Teaching Pupils with Special Educational Needs
Teaching Gifted Pupils
Teaching in the Early Years
Personalized Learning
Assessment for Learning
Cross-Curricular Teaching
Peer Classroom Observation
Conclusion: Teaching and Teachers in the 21st Century School

Not really adding anything new

Mr Keith Hicks
School of Education, Roehampton University
June 29, 2011

Many complex and contemporary issues in education are addressed in a simple style that ensures the reader can understand, process and access information effectively.

Mrs Hilary Morgan
Dept of Care & Continuing Education, Ystrad Mynach College
June 17, 2011

Useful as resource for Level 5 and 6 students and particularly those progressing to PGCE

Mr Iain Jones
Faculty of Education, Newman College
May 11, 2011

Clearly written summaries. Approachable for students.
Good use of illustrations

Ms Jay Deeble
Faculty of Education, Winchester University
May 3, 2011

This is a book that has been added to the supplementary reading. Many of our current studentsmake reference to Muijs

Mrs Jayne Barnes
Education , Manchester Metropolitan University
April 28, 2011

Easily accessible for undergarduate student teachers.
Theory is clearly identified within the text.

Mrs Jane Gibson
Education , College of St Mark and St John
April 27, 2011

excellent, topical and accessible. Will be on my essential list!

Dr Liane Purnell
Please select your department, Newman College
March 30, 2011

This book is an effective and comprehensive guide to this level of teaching. We recommend a number of books for this course and this is one of them.

Mr Dominic Kirby
Please select your department, Waterford Institute of Technology
March 10, 2011

A very comprehensive and accessible book, integrating key ideas in education with research evidence and change over time.

Mr Phil Taylor
Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education, Birmingham City University
March 3, 2011

A very useful text for trainee teachers. This will help primary and k/2/3 trainees in their professional development.
This is a book full of the most recent ideas on effective teaching.

Mike Goulding
Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University
February 25, 2011

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Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Theories of Learning and Intelligence

Daniel Muijs

Professor Daniel Muijs is Chair of Education. Previously he worked at the University of Manchester as Chair of Pedagogy and Teacher Development at the University of Manchester, School of Education, as Chair of School Leadership and Management at the University of Newcastle and as senior at Warwick Institute of Education. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of Educational and Teacher Effectiveness and is co-editor of the journal ‘School Effectiveness and School Improvement’. He has published widely in the areas of educational effectiveness, leadership and research methods, and has conducted research for government agencies (DCSF, NCSL... More About Author

David Reynolds

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