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Educational Leadership Simplified

Educational Leadership Simplified
A guide for existing and aspiring leaders

January 2018 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Leading in education is a difficult job to do well. Political, financial and organisational pressures need to be managed smartly and difficult decisions need to be made. Written in Bob Bates' trademark style, this guide offers concise and clear support to help you lead and inspire in education. In collaboration with Andy Bailey, a former headteacher and school inspector with recent Ofsted lead inspection experience, Bob combines practical knowledge of leadership roles in education with robust theories underpinning leadership and management.

Covering a wide range of key areas including team-building, coaching, conflict, change and budget management, creating a supportive work environment and working with various stakeholders - this is the go-to companion for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a senior leader in schools, colleges and other educational organisations.

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Leadership and Management
Equality & Diversity
Coaching and Mentoring
Managing Quality
Human Resource Management
Managing Budgets
Managing Change
Project Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Managing Communication
Managing time
Summary: A True Story

An excellent introduction to the skills and behaviours readers will need to be effective leaders. Linking a range of tools and techniques throughout the book, the authors ensure that readers will become proficient in their use and the introduction to a range academic theories. This is a superb starting point for further research.

Simon Warburton
Assistant Principal and blogger

This book is not intended only for headteachers, but other kinds of leaders in school too, such as curriculum leaders. The writing style is very engaging; it's not over-chatty, but neither is it as dry as dust. What is especially refreshing is that it takes a pragmatic view of things. For instance, are you a leader or a manager? In practice, people tend to be a bit of both. The author's pragmatism may be seen in the kind of topics covered: managing budgets, managing change, managing time, teams and others. Many theories are drawn upon, and are presented in small helpings, usually with bullet points. Case studies of true stories but with names changed serve to both illustrate theories and provide material for theoretical analysis - and the lists of the kinds of people to be found in leadership positions should convince you that, whatever your situation, you are not alone.

Terry Freedman
Teach Secondary

A great, user friendly book. Perfect as an introduction and spring board for students to develop their knowledge in this area.

Mrs Gemma Greengrass
Higher education, Norwich City College of FE And HE
May 16, 2024

Postgraduate courses, particularly those in education, attract students from a wide range of professions. Many of these student's are beginning to enter leadership positions but have often had little theoretical or academic guidance/experience with this. As such this book is once again a vital addition from Bob Bates as it provides a much needed 'spine' for students to flourish and develop their learning around. Highly recommended.

Mr Carl Longmore
Institute of Education (Walsall), Wolverhampton University
May 23, 2019

Students can get to grips with the concepts they need to evaluate their potential as leaders

Mrs Eileen Mc Partland
Vocational Education, Liberties College
May 25, 2018

This is very informative and easy to read. Good examples and case studies are used to inform and support the text. Diagrams are also very helpful. This is a great text to support at many levels due to its simplicity whilst also providing good depth.

Dr Chris Payne
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
February 19, 2018

For all our students who are interested in developing essential leadership skills this is an essential text introducing them to a range of texts and theories to support their reflective process. A excellent accessible introductory text.

Mrs Michele Fuller
Department of Education, Colchester Institute
July 3, 2019

This book is structured around some core ideas that will be useful to teachers taking up management roles. It touches on Equality and Diversity, Teams, Motivation, Human Resource Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation amongst other topics. It is written in digestible chunks for easy access of 'dipping in' to different topics too.

Dr Louise Campbell
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
February 20, 2018

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Leadership and management

Bob Bates

Bob Bates was a Senior Executive in the Civil Service for twenty years. During this time, he also worked as a staff trainer and coach and mentor to people with disabilities. He then set up his own Management & Training Consultancy (The Arundel Group), which celebrates its 25th anniversary next year. His work as a management consultant covered a number of local and central government projects as well as working as a trainer with major UK private sector companies. In the late 1990s Bob started a lecturing career, during which time he gained two Masters Degrees in Management and Education and a PhD in Education. He has taught over 1000... More About Author

Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey has been an education practitioner for nearly 50 years. He was the Head Teacher of a primary school in the West Midlands for 26 years from 1983 until 2009. From 2000 until 2005 he was an External Advisor for the national programme for the Performance Management of Head Teachers. He was a School Improvement Partner employed by the Birmingham and Walsall Education Authorities to work within a number of schools between 2006 and 2011. From 2012 until 2015 he was an inspector for Ofsted working as a Lead Inspector in 2014 and 2015. Since his retirement from his head teacher’s post he has worked as a consultant in a number of primary... More About Author

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