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Education 3-5

Education 3-5

Second Edition

240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This is an excellent book which should be in every playgroup and nursery school' - Nursery World

The National Curriculum, although not applicable to children under five, highlights the significance of education in the earliest years. Unless secure foundations for learning are established these children are unable to benefit from a statutory educational programme.

Despite this, the complexity of nursery teaching remains largely unrecognised; provision continues to be under-resourced in many parts of the country, and some of our youngest children are being offered an inappropriate curriculum which falls short of high quality nursery practice.

Even the best intentions are not enough unless they are accompanied by an understanding of the development of young children and how this can be assisted and enriched.

The Second Edition of this widely used book blends a practical approach to nursery work with a consideration of research which highlights the best practices. It will be of great benefit to everyone in pre-school education.

The Context of Nursery Work
Planning with and for the Family
Curriculum Principles to Support Learning
Areas of Curriculum Experience
Special Circumstances
Making It Work
How Is It Progressing?
The Professional Development of Staff

`This is an excellent book which should be in every playgroup and nursery school' - Nursery World

Marion Dowling

Marion Dowling was involved in the pre-school playgroup movement, taught in London and was headteacher of a state nursery school. She was an educational adviser in two local authorities, a member of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, and has been involved in a number of government working parties on early years.  She now works as a trainer and consultant in the UK and overseas.Marion is an experienced author and is vice president of Early Education, a national charity.  More About Author