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Educate, Medicate, or Litigate?

Educate, Medicate, or Litigate?
What Teachers, Parents, and Administrators Must Do About Student Behavior

April 2001 | 144 pages | Corwin
Educate, Medicate, or Litigate? tackles an issue that is increasingly taking the fore in school safety issues: intervention. Until now, the response to antisocial behaviour in schools has been generally reactive in nature due to the fact that few contemporary `preventative' measures actually prevent anything. While medical and legal recourses cannot be eschewed, after the tragedy at Columbine and other much-publicized school shootings across the country, it is all too clear that these reactive measures are much too little, too late - effective violence prevention is critical.

This book examines bullying, subversive behaviour, and other negative psychosocial behaviours from their roots to their eventual eruptions, analyzes common myths about school violence and its origins, and, based on research and empirical knowledge, prescribes best practices, administrative action that will help schools prevent larger and more violent incidents from occurring.

A Culture of Violence
Myths and Realities
Schools, Violence and Antisocial Behavior  
Social Behavior
Psychological, Philosophical and Practical Bases  
Problem Areas
Where Social Behavior Becomes Antisocial Behavior  
Reframing Views on Antisocial Behavior
Best School Practices  

"DiGiulio presents alternatives to get tough policies that change behavior rather than pushing young people away from schooling institutions."

Ian M. Harris
University of Wisconsin
Education Book Review, Michigan State University Libraries

"DiGiulio clearly answers the question ‘what can we do about antisocial behavior?’ by suggesting several changes that could be more effective in making school a safe, supportive setting. He offers constructive ideas for rethinking school structures and practices to promote responsible student behaviors." 

Nelda R. Cockman
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC

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Robert C. Di Giulio

Robert DiGiulio is Education Professor at Johnson State College in Vermont. He earned his Ph.D. in human development from the University of Connecticut, and recently earned his D.Ed. in socio-education from the University of South Africa. He began his teaching career in the New York City public school system, where he taught for a number of years. His 33-year career as an educator includes teaching at the elementary, middle, junior high and college levels, with experience ranging from crowded urban schools to a one-room schoolhouse. He has also served as a school principal educational researcher, consultant, and writer. ... More About Author

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