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Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics

Four Volume Set
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December 2008 | 1 504 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The field of ecological economics developed in the late 1980s at the intersection of the social and natural sciences, with roots in political economy, ecology, and biology, and has had a significant impact on research agendas and policy in related fields in subsequent years. This collection of classic and contemporary papers in ecological economics and its precursors includes an introductory essay that explores how the field has developed over time and identifies the main strands in the literature.

  • Volume I reviews the roots and evolution of ecological economics as a field.
  • Volume II examines the methodological and technical challenges posed by the development of a new field at the intersection of a number of mature disciplines.
  • Volume III focuses on the major developments in ecological economics of the last decade.
  • Volume IV looks at the ecological economics of sustainability.
Volume I: The Roots of Ecological Economics

On The Produce of Land Which Sometimes does and Sometimes does not Afford Rent

Charles Perrings
The Different Ratios in Which Population and Food Increase

Adam Smith
Of the Stationary State

Thomas Malthus
Recapitulation and Conclusion

John Stuart Mill
Resilience and Stability of Ecological Systems

Charles Darwin
Energy and Economic Myths

C.S. Holling
Total Energy Costs in Ecosystems

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
The Economics of Exhaustible Resources

Bruce Hannon
The Economic Theory of a Common-Property Resource: The Fishery

Harold Hotelling
The Economics of Overexploitation

H. Scott Gordon
Economic Growth and the Quality of the Environment

Colin Clark
Intergenerational Equity and the Investing of Rents from Exhaustible Resources

Karl-Gören Mäler
On Economics as a Life Science

John M. Hartwick
The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth

Herman Daly
Production, Consumption and Externalities

Kenneth Boulding
Preview; Common Property, Externalities and Income Distribution

Robert Ayres and Alan Kneese
Coevolutionary Development Potential

Partha Dasgupta
Richard Norgaard
Modeling Coupled Social-Ecological Systems

Limits to Substitution and Irreversibility in Production and Consumption: A neoclassical interpretation of ecological economics

Charles Perrings
Evolutionary Economics and Environmental Imperatives

David Stern
Empirical Cyclic Stabilization of an Oyster Reef Ecosystem

Robert Ayres
A Metapopulation Model with Private Property and a Common Pool

Bruce Hannon
Diversity, Productivity and Temporal Stability in the Economies of Humans and Nature

Gardner Brown and Jonathan Roughgarden
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Equivalence of Economic and Ecological Criteria in Range Management

David Tilman, Stephen Polasky and Clarence Lehman
Economic Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Microfounded Species Dynamics

Amitrajeet Batabyal
Protecting an Endangered Species While Harvesting its Prey in a General Equilibrium Ecosystem Model

Thomas Eichner and Rudiger Pethig
Managing Ecologically Interdependent Species

David Finnoff and John Tschirhart
Optimal Ecosystem Management When Species Compete for Limiting Resources

Erwin Bulte and Richard Damania
Optimal Spatial Management of Metapopulations: Matching policy scope to ecosystem scale

William Brock and Anastasios Xepapadeas
Uncertainty and Sustainability in the Management of Rangelands

James Sanchirico and James Wilen
Conservation in the Optimal Use of Rangelands

Martin F. Quaas, Stefan Baumgärtner, Christian Becker, Karin Frank and Birgit M ller
On Trade, Landuse and Biodiversity

Charles Perrings and Brian Walker
Management of Eutrophication for Lakes Subject to Potentially Irreversible Change

Stephen Polasky, Christopher Costello and Carol Mcausland
The Economics of Shallow Lakes

Steve Carpenter, Don Ludwig and William Brock
Integrated Ecological Economic Modeling of The Patuxent River Watershed, Maryland

Karl-Göran Mäler, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Aart De Zeeuw
Human-Ecosystem Interactions: A Dynamic Integrated Model

Robert Costanza, Alexey Voinov, Roelof Boumans, Thomas Maxwell, Ferdinando Villa, Lisa Wainger and Helena Voinov
Bobbi Low, Robert Costanza, Elinor Ostrom, James Wilson and Carl P. Simon
Volume III: Ecosystem Services
The Economics of Ecosystem Services

Estimating the Demand for Environmental Services

Charles Perrings
Valuing Nature: Lessons Learned and Future Research Directions

Karl-Goren Maler
The Value of Nature and the Nature of Value

R. Kerry Turner, Jouni Paavola, Philip Cooper, Stephen Farber, Valma Jessamy and Stavros Georgiou
On the Scarcity Value of Ecosystem Services

Gretchen C. Daily, Tore Söderqvist, Sara Aniyar, Kenneth Arrow, Partha Dasgupta, Paul R. Ehrlich, Carl Folke, Annmari Jansson, Bengt-Owe Jansson, Nils Kautsky, Simon Levin, Jane Lubchenco, Karl-Göran Mäler, David Simpson, David Starrett, David Tilman and
Valuing Biodiversity from an Economic Perspective: A unified economic, ecological and genetic approach

Amitrajeet Batabyal, J.R. Kahn and R.V. O'Neill
Valuing Ecosystem Services as Productive Inputs

William A. Brock and Anastasios Xepapadeas
Deriving Values for the Ecological Support Function of Wildlife: An indirect valuation approach

Edward Barbier
Transferring Environmental Value Estimates: Issues and alternatives

Bryon P. Allen and John B. Loomis
Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services Part 1: An integrated dynamic approach

Clive L. Spash and Arild Vatn
Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services Part 2: Implications of unpredictable novel change

Ralph Winkler
Mapping Ecosystem Services: Practical challenges and opportunities in linking GIS and value transfer

Ralph Winkler
Local Identification and Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services from Opuntia Scrublands of Ayacucho, Peru

Austin Troy and Matthew A. Wilson
Genuine Savings Rates in Developing Countries

Luis C. Rodr?´Guez, Unai Pascual and Hermann M. Niemeyer
Wealth, Natural Capital and Sustainable Development: Contrasting examples from Botswana and Namibia

Kirk Hamilton and Michael Clemens
Net National Product, Wealth and Social Well-Being

Glenn-Marie Lange
Partha Dasgupta and Karl-Göran Mäler

Towards Sustainable Development, World Commission on Environment and Development: Are we consuming too much?

Charles Perrings
Sustainability Science

Kenneth Arrow, Partha Dasgupta, Lawrence Goulder, Gretchen Daily, Paul Ehrlich, Geoffrey Heal, Simon Levin, Karl-Göran Mäler, Stephen Schneider, David Starrett and Brian Walker
Economic Growth, Carrying Capacity and The Environment

Robert W. Kates, William C. Clark, Robert Corell, J. Michael Hall, Carlo C. Jaeger, Ian Lowe, James J. Mccarthy, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Bert Bolin, Nancy M. Dickson, Sylvie Faucheux, Gilberto C. Gallopin, Arnulf Gr bler, Brian Huntley, Jill Jäger, Nar
The Rise and fall of the Environmental Kuznets Curve

Kenneth Arrow, Bert Bolin, Robert Costanza, Partha Dasgupta, Carl Folke, C. S. Holling, Bengt-Owe Jansson, Simon Levin, Karl-Göran Mäler, Charles Perrings And David Pimentel
Economic Pathways to Ecological Sustainability

David Stern
Operationalizing Sustainable Development: Dynamic Ecological Economic Models

Partha Dasgupta; Simon Levin; Jane Lubchenco
Sustainable Development in a Post-Brundtland World

Jeroen C.J.M. Van Den Bergh And Peter Nijkamp
Towards an Operational Sustainability Criterion

Chris Sneddon, Richard Howarth and Richard Norgaard
Is There A Role For Benefit-Cost Analysis In Environmental, Health And Safety Regulation?

Richard Howarth
Towards an Experimental Foundation for Benefit-Cost Analysis

Kenneth J. Arrow, Maureen L. Cropper, George C. Eads, Robert W. Hahn, Lester B. Lave, Roger G. Noll, Paul R. Portney, Milton Russell, Richard Schmalensee, V. Kerry Smith and Robert N. Stavins
Sustainability Policy and Environmental Policy

John Gowdy
Natural Resource Rents, Economic Dynamics and Structural Change: A capital theoretic Approach

John C. V. Pezzey
Towards an Ecological Economics Of Sustainability

Malte Faber and John Proops
Evolutionary Policies For Sustainable Development: Adaptive flexibility and risk minimising

Mick Common and Charles Perrings
From Metaphor to Measurement: Resilience of what to what?

Christian Rammel and Jeroen Van Den Bergh
Social-Ecological Resilience to Coastal Disasters

Steve Carpenter, Brian Walker, J. Marty Anderies and Nick Abel
The Genuine Savings Criterion and the Value of Population

W. Neil Adger, Terry P. Hughes, Carl Folke. Stephen R. Carpenter and Johan Rockstrom
Resilience and Sustainable Development: Building Adaptive capacity in a worldo transformations

Kenneth J. Arrow, Partha Dasgupta and And Karl-Goran Maler

Charles Perrings

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