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Early Childhood Practice

Early Childhood Practice
Froebel today

Edited by:
  • Tina Bruce - Honorary Visiting Professor at University of Roehampton

April 2012 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

There can be little doubt that the education of the very young provides an essential foundation for all that follows, and the nature of that education is critical. This book locates Froebelian practice in current practice, through a wealth of examples from contemporary settings.

The book brings together contributions from distinguished primary and early childhood practitioners, who show how they have used educational methods advocated by Froebel. Stressing the importance of outdoor play, they explore the Froebelian principles of:

  • Play
  • Learning through firsthand experience
  • Parent partnership and community in early childhood
  • Practitioners supporting children's interests and learning
  • Finger rhymes and action songs
  • Movement
  • The garden and forests
  • Wooden blockplay
  • Use of clay, paint, junk modeling, construction kits

The book locates the Froebel approach and its emphasis on the learning and applying of knowledge and understanding that become possible through play. It contrasts the Froebel approach with methods such as Montessori, Steiner and very recent approaches to play such as post-Modern 'playfulness'. This book is relevant to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Early Childhood Education.

Tina Bruce
The Whole Child
Tina Bruce
Family, Community and the Wider World
Stella Brown
The Changing of the Seasons in the Child Garden
Helen Tovey
Adventurous and Challenging Play Outdoors
Lynn McNair
Offering Children First Hand Experiences through Forest School: Relating to and Learning about Nature
Jane Read
The Time-Honoured Froebelian Tradition of Learning out of Doors
Maureen Baker
Family Songs in the Froebelian Tradition
Jenny Spratt
The Importance of Hand and Finger Rhymes: A Froebelian Approach to Early Literacy
Marjorie Ouvry
Froebel's Mother Songs Today
Jane Whinnett
Gifts and Occupations: Froebel's Gifts (Wooden Block Play) and Occupations (Construction and Workshop Experiences) Today
Chris McCormick
Froebelian Methods in the Modern World: A Case of Cooking
Tina Bruce
Bringing together Froebelian Principles and Practices

'Part of the emotional appeal of Froebel is that he is keen to allow children to be children. He enforces their natural curiosity, the innocent joy and fun of play, the desire to learn and to be creative'
- Councillor Marilyn MacLaren

'This is an important book. The close-knit Froebel network provides a marvellous example of how practitioners in the early years can be inspired by tradition without becoming old-fashioned. Froebel's principles and practices were radical for their time, and changed education forever: this book powerfully brings them up to the minute, reminding us of their continued relevance'
- Julian Grenier, Early Years Adviser, Tower Hamlets

'If you would like to be inspired by tradition, without becoming 'old fashioned', and you believe in children truly being allowed to be children, then this terrific book full of fantastic Froebelian principles is just right for you!'Martine Horvath, Early Years Educator

'It’s the perfect time to welcome this new book, with its strong emphasis on play and on the outdoors – both central to Froebel’s philosophy and to children’s well-being today'
-Community Playthings

'The importance of this book was recognised when it won Nursery World's Staff Resources award earlier this year'
- Nursery World

An excellent book exploring Froebel's principles and the impact they have on today's practice. The importance of play, supporting children's interests and the outdoors are some of the principles explored in this book.

Mrs Jackie Braithwaite
East Cheshire Business School, Macclesfield College
October 3, 2012

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Tina Bruce

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