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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education
History, Philosophy and Experience

224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"Every Early Childhood practitioner and policy-maker should keep a copy of this book on their shelves...a thought provoking, and highly informative celebration of the ideas of our field's pioneers.  If we are to understand ourselves and our times, and to provide lovingly meaningful experiences for today's young children, we need to understand the web of philosophical legacies left by the pioneers and how they connect with our own."

—Professor Tricia David, Emeritus Professor, Canterbury Christ Church University and Honorary Emeritus Professor, University of Sheffield.

This book is for those who have often wondered what history can offer to modern practice.  It explored important ideas behind the policies and practices in Early Childhood Education to help students and practitioners develop a fuller understanding of the children with whom they work.

The authors illustrate the rich histories of this ever developing field by bringing together ideas from the work and writings of some major historical figures who have significant shaped current practices in Early Childhood Education.  Using imaginative tools to 'bring alive' the ideas of past pioneer, the authors show how our understanding of contemporary issues has been influenced by these pioneers.  The book also shows how today's practitioners themselves can become the pioneers of future development.

Written by three authors who have had experience in working with children in a wide range of settings, this book is for Early Childhood students and practitioners, including those on BA and MA courses.  It is also for those undergoing training to gain Qualified Teacher Status and Early Years Professional Status and experiences staff involved in leading early years practice or self- or organizational development.

Cathy Nutbrown in Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield.

Peter Clough is Professor of Inclusive Education at Liverpool Hope University.

Philip Selbie is Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Plymouth.
A Short History of Early Childhood Education
The legacy of history
Into the 21st Century: Twenty Years of Policy Change
Into the future, learning from the past
The Pioneers: Their Lives and Works
John Amos Comenius [Komensky]
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Robert Owen
Friedrich Froebel
Charles Dickens
Charlotte Mason
Sigmund Freud
Rachel McMillan
John Dewey
Margaret McMillan
Rudolf Steiner
Maria Montessori
Alexander Sutherland [AS] Neill
Susan Sutherland Isaacs
Louis Christian Schiller
Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky
Donald Woods Winnicott
Jean Piaget
Erik Erickson
Carl Rogers
Burrhus Frederick Skinner
Robin Tanner
Talking of Early Childhood Education: Six 'conversations'
1. So, who needs history?
2. Why Early Childhood Education?
3. What Motivates Young Children to Learn?
4. How Do Young Children Learn?
5. Literacy in the early years: a pedagogy of patience?
6. From God and church to awe and wonder: spirituality and creativity in early childhood education
Plus ça change...?
1. Children's rights
2. The arts and creativity
3. Literacy
4. Play, Learning and Pedagogy
5. Early intervention
6. Home learning and parents
7. Inclusion

'This book aims high; its aspiration and rationale are to be welcomed and original and valuable contribution to the literature of early childhood education' - Early Years

Clear, consise information to support students on their Foundation Degree in Early Years.

Mrs Julie Quigley
Health,Care & Early Years, Blackpool and the Fylde College
February 10, 2010

very useful book to help me with planing lessons, will be reccommended as resource for students on course

CHILDHOOD STUDIES, Blackburn College
January 26, 2010

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Cathy Nutbrown

Professor Cathy Nutbrown is Head of the School of Education at the University of Sheffield, where she teaches and researches in the field of early childhood education.Cathy began her career as a teacher of young children and has since worked in a range of settings and roles with children, parents, teachers, and other early childhood educators. Cathy is committed to finding ways of working ‘with respect’ with young children, and sees the concept of quality in the context of what it means to develop curriculum and pedagogy in the early years with the ambition of working in a climate of ‘respectful education’.She established the University of... More About Author

Peter Clough

Peter Clough is Honorary Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield. Peter taught English and Drama, in the 1970s, in London and later in a number of special schools. His research interests include the use of narrative and fictional writing in research and research report. Peter has taught Inclusive Education and Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield, has been Professor of Inclusive Education at Queen’s Belfast and at Liverpool Hope, and Research Fellow at the University of Chester. Peter is an Honorary Professor at the School of  Education, University of Sheffield, where he teaches Masters and Doctoral... More About Author

Philip Selbie

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