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From Vision to Implementation - A Practical Guide With Case Studies

First Edition

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Development Studies

204 pages | SAGE India
In this book, 30 cases from 16 countries considered to be pioneers in developing innovative e-governance applications are analyzed. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the author provides key insights and practical guidelines on: ways to successfully implement e-government projects; selecting application areas, project designs, strategies and their implementation; benefits and impact of e-governance on public sector reform, poverty reduction and empowerment; methodology for evaluating e-government projects; and overall strategy formulation.
Definition and Scope

Understanding E-Government in Developing Countries
Potential Benefits and Impact of E-Government
Implementing Projects Successfully
Guidelines for Designing a Country-Wide Strategy for E-Government
The Future of E-Government
Case Studies of Social and Economic Impacts of E-Government

Subhash Bhatnagar

Subhash Bhatnagar is an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer, IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA). He has been a Professor of Information Systems at the IIMA since 1975. In his many years at IIMA he held the CMC Chair Professorship in Information Technology, served as the Dean and was a member of the Board of Governors. He was instrumental in establishing and coordinating the activities of two research centres at the IIMA, Centre for Electronic Governance and Telecom Policy Study Centre. From 2000 to 2006, he worked for the World Bank in Washington DC to mainstream e-government in the activities of the World Bank. At present he divides his time... More About Author

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