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Drug Control and the Courts

Drug Control and the Courts

March 1996 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Illegal drug use in the United States is increasing among criminal offenders at an alarming rate. As communities struggle to cope due to a lack of effective drug control programmes, some urban studies have suggested that the offender population is virtually filled by cocaine users - a drug which has been linked with violent behaviour.

Drug Control and the Courts is a welcome contribution to this crucial issue. The authors skillfully examine the history, development and current status of drug control programmes as they have impacted on the criminal justice system. They examine current trends - such as a growing awareness that incarceration alone has proved to be an inadequate solution - which suggest a strong need to re-examine the existing linkages between drug abuse treatment services and the courts.

James A. Inciardi

Duane C. McBride

James E. Rivers

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