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Domestic Violence Advocacy

Domestic Violence Advocacy
Complex Lives/Difficult Choices

Second Edition

Volume: 7
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Domestic Violence

September 2013 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Domestic Violence Advocacy: Complex Lives/Difficult Choices, Second Edition is a comprehensive and highly practical resource for anyone working with domestic violence victims. The essential elements and values of the victim-defined approach provide the foundation for a completely revised exploration of all victims’ perspectives and advocates’ role. This Second Edition draws on the far-reaching progress and increased knowledge of the field and delves deeply into the experiences of victims, their perspectives and decision-making, culture, and risks. Attentive to the real world context of limited time, resources, and options for victims and for advocates, this enlightening text focuses on what is feasible and offers ideas for working within such constraints
Foreword by Cris M. Sullivan
Section I: Victim-Defined Advocacy Approach
Chapter 1: Overview of Victim-Defined Advocacy
Chapter 2: Risks Victims Face
Chapter 3: How Women Form Perspectives and Priorities
Chapter 4: Individual Victim-Defined Advocacy Implementation
Section II: Victim-Defined Advocacy Practice Issues
Chapter 5: Victims in Contact
Chapter 6: Children
Chapter 7: Trauma, Mental Health, and Substance Use
Chapter 8: Advocate Role with Violent Partners
Section III: Systems Advocacy
Chapter 9: Victim-Defined Advocacy Environments
Chapter 10: Victim-Defined Policy Advocacy
Chapter 11: Conclusion
Appendix A

“If I was to recommend only one book for a domestic violence advocate to read in their career, it would be this one. Every person interested in domestic violence work should do themselves and the survivors they hope to help a favor by reading this and integrating the concepts presented into their advocacy. We owe a debt of gratitude to the authors of this book for providing such a clear guide on effective work with domestic violence survivors.”

Rachel Ramirez
Ohio Domestic Violence Network

“[This book] is a must read for all disciplines providing services to battered women.  Survivors are not served in a vacuum, so it is imperative that system providers understand their role in keeping them safe.” 

Sandy Huntzinger
domestic violence advocate

“Working with battered women often produces ethical dilemmas about what is the best course of action to take. [This book] provides a framework of women-defined advocacy that respects the rights and dignity of each woman, as well as her right to self-determination. In the analysis of risks associated with violence and abuse, the woman’s voice is once again heard and her perspective guides the process of safety planning.”

Gary Dick
University of Cincinnatti

This text fit the parameters of the course.

Sorry for the late feed back!!

Professor Russel Arnett
Nursing and Allied Health, Mt San Jacinto Clg-Menifee Vly
April 8, 2015

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Jill Davies

Eleanor Lyon

Eleanor Lyon, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in Residence and the Director of the Institute for Violence Prevention and Reduction. Eleanor teaches courses in research methods and violence against women. Eleanor’s areas of specialization include evaluation methods, ethnographic methods, violence against women, family issues and women’s issues More About Author

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