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Doing Social Psychology

Doing Social Psychology

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336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This textbook offers a comprehensive guide to carrying out a research project in social psychology. With helpful suggestions and step-by-step guidance through every stage of the research process, the book challenges the reader throughout to tackle the key methodological and theoretical issues in conducting research.

Following an introduction to key issues, the book uses eight fully piloted social psychological studies to demonstrate a wide range of methods and associated theories. Methods described include: in-depth interviews; social representations of gender in the media; experimental studies of person perception and framing of risk; structured group observations; Kelly Repgrids; interaction diaries; and survey methods.

Doing Social Psychology is one of five books which form the core of The Open University's course Social Psychology: Personal Lives, Social Worlds.

Dorothy Miell and Margaret Wetherell
Patrick McGhee
An Experimental Investigation of Primacy and Perseverance Effects in Person Perception
Patrick McGhee With Dorothy Miell
Relationships, Social Networks and Social Interaction
An Exploration in Diary Methodologies

Carol Tindall and Peter Banister
Structured Observation and the Investigation of Group Interaction
Roger Sapsford
Designing a Survey and Constructing a Questionnaire
Patrick McGhee
An Experimental Investigation of Framing Effects and Decision Making
Carol Tindall
Glances into Personal Worlds
The Construction and Analysis of Repertory Grids

Nicola Morant
Social Representatives of Gender in the Media
Quantitative and Qualitative Content Analysis

Jane Henry
Discovering Subjective Meanings
Depth Interviewing


Dorothy E Miell

Margaret Wetherell

Margaret Wetherell is Professor of Social Psychology at the Open University, UK and Director of the Economic and Social Research Council Programme on Identities and Social Action. More About Author