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Doing Sensory Ethnography

Doing Sensory Ethnography

Second Edition

February 2015 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This bold agenda-setting title continues to spearhead interdisciplinary, multisensory research into experience, knowledge and practice.

Drawing on an explosion of new, cutting edge research Sarah Pink uses real world examples to bring this innovative area of study to life. She encourages us to challenge, revise and rethink core components of ethnography including interviews, participant observation and doing research in a digital world. The book provides an important framework for thinking about sensory ethnography stressing the numerous ways that smell, taste, touch and vision can be interconnected and interrelated within research. Bursting with practical advice on how to effectively conduct and share sensory ethnography this is an important, original book, relevant to all branches of social sciences and humanities.

Introduction: About Doing Sensory Ethnography
PART I: Rethinking Ethnography Through The Senses
Chapter 1. Situating Sensory Ethnography: from academia to intervention
Chapter 2. Principles For Sensory Ethnography: perception, place, knowing, memory and imagination
Chapter 3. Preparing For Sensory Research: practical and orientation issues
PART II: Sensory Ethnography In Practice
Chapter 4. The Sensoriality Of The Interview: rethinking personal encounters through the senses
Chapter 5. Sensory Research Through Participation: from observation to intervention
Chapter 6. Mediated Sensory Ethnography: doing and recording sensory ethnography in a digital world
PART III: Interpreting And Representing Sensory Knowing
Chapter 7. Interpreting Multisensory Research : organising, analysing and meaning making
Chapter 8. Representing Sensory Ethnography: communicating, arguing and the non-representational
Afterword: Imagining Sensory Futures: ethnography, design and future studies

Nicely organised and accessible chapters, would recommend for post-graduate level.

Miss Amy Clark
Sport Science, Tourism & Leisure Dept, Canterbury Christ Church University
March 3, 2015

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Doing Sensory Ethnography: Chapter Two

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Sarah Pink

Sarah Pink is Professor of Design and Emerging Technologies, Founding Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University Australia and Associate Director of Monash Energy Institute. She is International Guest Professor at Halmstad University in Sweden, Adjunct Distinguished Professor at RMIT University Australia, where she was previously Director of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre. She is also Visiting Professor in the Design School and Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Loughborough University, where she was formerly Professor of Social Sciences. Sarah is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social... More About Author

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