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Doing Management Research

Doing Management Research
A Comprehensive Guide

First Edition

April 2001 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Doing Management Research, a major, new textbook, provides answers to questions and problems which researchers invariably encounter when embarking on management research, be it quantitative or qualitative. This book will carefully guide the reader through the research process from beginning to end. An excellent tool for academics and students, that enables the reader to acquire and build upon empirical evidence, and to decide what tools to use to understand and describe what is being observed, and then, which methods of analysis to adopt. Additionally, there is an entire section dedicated to writing up and communicating the research findings. Written in an accessible and easy-to-use style, this book can be read from cover to cover or dipped into, to clarify particular issues during the research process. Doing Management Research results from "hands on" experience of a large group of researchers who have all had to address the different issues raised when undertaking management research. It is anchored in real methodological problems that researchers face in their work. This work will also become one of the most seful reference tools for senior researchers who are looking for answers to epistemological problems.
Epistemological Foundations
Constructing the Research Problem
Exploring and Testing
What Approach with Which Data?
Researching Content and Researching Process
Research Design
Linking Concepts and Data
Data Collection and Managing the Data Source
Validity and Reliability
Comparison Tests
Causal Analysis and Modeling
Classifying and Structuring
Analyzing Social Networks
Longitudinal Analyses
Analyzing Representations and Discourse
Writing Up the Research
The Research Environment

`This book provides refreshing and powerful insights on the challenges of conducting management research from a European perspective. Particulalrly for someone embarking on a managment research career this book will provide valuable guidelines' - Ian MacMillan, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

`This comprehensive volume is distinguished by its balance and pragmatism. The authors who present the various research methods are not proponents but researchers who have applied these methods. The authors who discuss philosophical and strategic issues are not advocates but researchers who have had to confront these issues in their research' - Bill Starbuck, New York University

`Doing Management Research is a fabulous contribution to our field. Thietart and his colleagues have put together a unique and valuable guide to help management scholars more deeply understand the issues, dynamics and contradictions of executing first class managerial research. This book will hold an important place on the researcher's desk for years to come' - Michael Tushman, Harvard Business School

`This is an excellent in-depth examination of the conduct of management research. It will serve as a valuable resource for management scholars and researchers and is a must read for Ph.D. students in management' - Michael Hitt, Arizona State University

`This book will prove to be an excellent guide for those engaged in management research for the first time and an excellent refresher for more

experienced scholars. Raymond Thietart and his colleagues should be thanked roundly for this comprehensive volume' - Gordon Walker, Southern Methodist University, Cox Business School

`This textbook makes an outstanding contribution to texts on management research. For researchers considering management research it offers an extensive guide to the research process' - Paula Roberts, Nurse Researcher

`A valuable addition to research groups and libraries. Recommended' - Journal of the Operational Research Society

Written in such an easy way to understand, yet the detail of explanations provided is of such depth and quality that it is relevant to every research student and practitioner in the field of Business. Offers unusual detail on the aspects of epistemology and research design which is of great help to everyone doing management research.

Mr Zedias Mutema
Business Administration , South Essex College
September 16, 2013

Doing Management Research is a remarkable book, attractively designed, logically organized and richly referenced. It provides vital guidance and answers to the most commonly used techniques and methods.

Dr Denis Hyams-Ssekasi
Business School, University Campus Oldham
July 5, 2012

Raymond-Alain Thietart

Distinguished Professor, Management Department Director of the Doctoral and Ph.D. Programs Research area: Organization theory and strategic management. More About Author

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