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Doing Counselling Research

Doing Counselling Research

Second Edition

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Counseling Research Methods

228 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Doing Counselling Research, Second Edition is a practical and accessible introduction to the research process within counselling and psychotherapy. Written both as a guide to carrying out research, and to using existing findings to inform practice, it provides essential information for all trainees and practitioners.

John McLeod guides the reader through the principles and practice of undertaking a successful research project, explaining how to:

- review the literature

- select appropriate methods (qualitative and quantitative)

- collect data

- design and implement an effective study plan

- evaluate findings.

Taking account of developments in research methods, the book has been fully revised and updated and includes new chapters on evidence-based practice and practitioner research.

Research literacy is now within the skillset of all counsellors and psychotherapists and, as a practical introduction to the subject, Doing Counselling Research will be indispensable to trainees and practitioners alike.

Doing Counselling Research
Reading the Literature
Placing Research in Context

The Research Process
Stages, Tasks and Traps

Using Quantitative Methods
Test, Rating Scales and Survey Questionnaires
Listening to Stories about Therapy
From Qualitative Research to Human Science

Systematic Inquiry into Individual Cases
Does It Work? Evaluating the Outcomes of Counselling
Exploring the Interior of Therapy
Method and Strategy in Process Research

An Ethical Framework for Research Practice
Critical Issues in Counselling Research

This book is an extremely valuable introduction to research methods for students working towards a dissertation in counselling psychology.

Dr Alison Rolfe
Psychology & Counselling, Newman College
November 6, 2009

John McLeod

John McLeod has held appointments in universities in the UK, New Zealand and Italy, and is currently Professor of Counselling at the Institute for Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin, and Professor of Psychology, University of Oslo. He is committed to promoting the relevance of research as a means of informing therapy practice and improving the quality of services that are available to clients, and has received an award from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for his exceptional contribution to research. His writing has influenced a generation of trainees in the field of counselling, counselling... More About Author