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Do Campaigns Matter?

Do Campaigns Matter?

June 1996 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A thorough examination of the impact of campaign politics on presidential elections in the United States is presented in this book. Using actual election results and empirical evidence, the author also incorporates data on additional factors such as media coverage, the impact of nominating conventions on public opinion, presidential debates, and other events such as staff shake-ups, endorsements and scandals. In so doing, Holbrook develops a model for testing campaigns and proves how campaigns play a key role in shaping public opinion and, ultimately, influencing outcomes.
Campaigns and Elections
Evidence Against Campaign Effects
A Model of Campaign Effects
Nominating Conventions
The Effect of Debates
Campaigns, National Conditions, and US Presidential Elections
The Role of Campaigns in US Presidential Elections

Thomas M. Holbrook

Thomas Holbrook is Emeritus Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he was a Distinguished Professor and the Wilder Crane Professor of Government in the political science department. He is a former editor of American Politics Research and the author of Do Campaigns Matter (Sage, 1996), Altered States (Oxford, 2016), and dozens of articles on various aspects of voting behavior and elections in the United States, most recently focusing on local politics. Professor Holbrook has taught undergraduate courses on data analysis and survey research for the past three decades and has integrated R into his data analysis courses for... More About Author

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