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Diversity in America

Diversity in America

Third Edition

240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This Third Edition once more squarely addresses the topic which perhaps generates more passion, invective, and raucous debate than all others in American society today. Is multiculturalism a threat to us? Is there too much immigration? Are Americans no longer sufficiently 'American'? This book answers these questions by using history and sociology to shed light on socially constructed myths about the past, misunderstandings from the present, and anxieties about the future of American social and cultural diversity.
1. Perception and Reality
What This Book Is All About

Seeing Is Believing, But Is It Knowing?

The Cultural Homogeneity Myth

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Pluralism

The Melting Pot

The Dillingham Flaw

Understanding Today by Knowing about Yesterday

2. Diversity in Aboriginal America
The Larger Context

Diversity in Language

Diversity in Gender Roles

Diversity in Clothing

Diversity in Housing

Diversity in Social Organization

Diversity in Values

The Next Horizon

3. Diversity in Colonial Times
The Larger Context

Colonial Beginnings

Geographic Variances in Diversity

Religious Diversity

A Kaleidoscope Society

The Next Horizon

4. Diversity in the Early National Period
The Larger Context

Building a National Identity

Social Structure and Social Class

Religion, Power, and Group Consciousness

The Nation's First Census

Expanding Territory and Diversity

The Drop in Immigration

The Significance of Natural Population Growth

Emergence of a Common Culture

The False Horizon

5. Diversity in the Age of Expansion
The Larger Context

Travelers Discover the Ethnic Mosaic

The French

The Irish

The Germans

Native Americans

The Africans

The Chinese

The Mexicans

Intergroup Conflicts

The Next Horizon

6. Diversity in the Industrial Age
The Larger Context

Minority Family Economies

Population Diversity

African Americans

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Hispanic Americans

Native Americans

Middle Eastern Americans

Northern and Western European Americans

Southern, Central, and Eastern European Americans

Intergroup Conflicts

The Next Horizon

7. Diversity in the Information Age
The Larger Context

The Human Element

Institutionalizing Minority Rights

The Europeans

Asians and Pacific Islanders

Black Americans

Hispanic Americans

North Africans and Southwest Asians

Native Americans

Religious Diversity

The Next Horizon

8. Intergenerational Comparisons
Why Are Voices Raised Against Immigration?

Immigration Rate

Foreign-Born Population

Race in America

Mainstream Americans

Perception and Reality

The Larger Context

Today's Patterns in Perspective

9. Is Multiculturalism a Threat?
The Umbrellas of Multiculturalism

The Larger Context

Roses and Thorns

The Thorns of Multiculturalism

The Roses of Multiculturalism

Is Multiculturalism the Enemy?

10. Multiculturalism after Nine-Eleven
Government Responses

Public Response

Measuring Social Distance after Nine-Eleven

Have Attitudes Changed about Immigration?

The Larger Context

What about Tomorrow?

11. The Next Horizon
The Dawning of a New Century

World Population Growth

U.S. Population Predictions

The Dillingham Flaw in Reverse

Factors Influencing Change

The Challenge of Racial Diversity

Increased Religious Diversity

The Mainstreaming of Women

The Ever-Changing Mosaic


Vincent N. Parrillo

Vincent N. Parrillo was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. He received his B.S. degree from Seton Hall University, his M.A.from Montclair State University, and his doctorate from Rutgers University. He teaches the following undergraduate courses: Minority Groups in America, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Socialization, Social Problems, Ethnic and Racial Conflict Resolution. Graduate courses include Racial and Ethnic Experiences and Sociology of Intercultural Communication. More About Author

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