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Disruptive Women: A WomenEd Guide to Equitable Action in Education

Disruptive Women: A WomenEd Guide to Equitable Action in Education

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232 pages | Corwin UK
Disruptive Women is your guide to changing the status quo in the education system.

Drawing from rich, varied perspectives from across the global WomenEd community it offers guidance, solidarity and real-life examples of how to make change happen in four vital areas:
  • Increasing the representation of women in educational leadership
  • Breaking down barriers that exclude diverse women from leadership roles
  • Disrupting the gender pay gap for women leaders
  • Championing flexible working for more equitable working cultures
This is unmissable reading for anyone working in schools, universities and other educational organisations who recognises the need to disrupt, innovate and to change education to be more inclusive, equitable and diverse.
Lisa Hannay
Part 1: Increasing the representation of women in leadership
Amy Bowdler
Chapter 1 Time to use our superpowers
Bianca Greenhalgh
Chapter 2 Powerful stories
Jessica Mahdavi-Gladwell
Chapter 3 Harnessing the power of professional learning networks
Jess Gosling
Chapter 4 Imposter syndrome: quietening the voices in our heads
Nasima Riazat
Chapter 5 Networking to develop and innovate
Kiran Satti
Chapter 6 Disrupting social norms: the Dream Gap Project
Rebecca Hoyes
Case Study 1 Confronting unconscious bias
Natasha Hilton
Part 2: Breaking barriers: diverse women in educational leadership
Parm Plummer
Chapter 7 The diversity gap: what is the current state of play in education?
Haley Yearwood
Chapter 8 Take your seat at the table!
Miriam Hussain
Chapter 9 How diverse is it ‘really’? The data linked to leadership in schools
Loretta Fernando-Smith and Angeline Aow
Chapter 10 Letting go of imposter syndrome: writing herstory
Yasmine Baker
Chapter 11 A different kind of brain: what are the benefits and barriers of neurodivergent women in leadership?
Azuraye Williams
Chapter 12 Diverse leadership: if you can’t see it, be it!
Radha Badhan
Chapter 13 How do we level the playing field?
Joyce I-Hui Chen
Case Study 2 Fitting into the mould: do you have to change who you are?
Angela Schofield
Case Study 3 The F Word: Failure
Vivienne Porritt
Part 3: Disrupting the gender pay gap for women leaders
Liz Free
Chapter 14 Systemic sexism: the global gender pay gap
Katrina Kerry
Chapter 15 Disrupting the gender pay gap: empowering female middle leaders to progress into senior leadership
Jenetta Hurst
Chapter 16 Negotiating salaries
Sue Prickett
Chapter 17 Why isn’t my gender pay gap improving?
Abigail Mann
Chapter 18 Mind the gap? Yes, so let’s do something about it!
Stephani Dupree
Case Study 4 The gender pay gap in a higher education organisation
Jess Gosling
Case Study 5 Disrupt the gender pay gap: know your worth
Vivienne Porritt
Part 4: Flexible working: culture change required
Ruth Astley
Chapter 19 Flexible working: a sustainable solution?
Lindsay Patience
Chapter 20 The future of flexible working - the impact of the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill
Esther Mustamu-Daniels
Chapter 21 Miscarriage is not a dirty word: why we should normalise talking about baby loss
Helen Young
Chapter 22 Finding opportunities and freedom through flexible working
Hannah Duncan
Chapter 23 Is there a parental penalty in education?
Derry Richardson
Chapter 24 Making more of menopause
Suzanne Brown and Katy Marsh-Davies
Chapter 25 Menopause and flexible working: starting conversations
Wendy Cobb and Kerry Jordan-Daus
Chapter 26 What’s your problem with flexible working?
Maggie Eldridge-Mrotzek
Case Study 6 Negotiating flexible working: upholding your principles
Aimee Quickfall
Case Study 7 The big wheel of flexible working
Maz Foucher
Case Study 8 Including women

Vivienne Porritt

Joyously, Vivienne Porritt OBE is a co-founder, trustee and Global Strategic Leader of WomenEd, a global charity which empowers and elevates aspiring and existing women leaders in education. ... More About Author

Lisa Hannay

Lisa Hannay is an Assistant Principal in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lisa’s WomenEd journey began at a conference many years ago when she attended two WomenEd sessions. There was a palpable energy that was uplifting and empowering. Lisa discovered that the mission and values of WomenEd aligned beautifully with her own desire to create disruption and to challenge the status quo. Lisa wrote a chapter for the second WomenEd book, Being 10% Braver, and has contributed to articles spotlighting women in leadership along with Vivienne Porritt. Lisa is one of the trustees and Global Strategic Leaders for WomenEd and gets up every morning to cause a... More About Author

Natasha Hilton

My journey in education began back in 2006, when I eagerly stepped into the bustling halls of inner-city London schools. I immersed myself in the dynamic landscape of education, refining my skills and nurturing a deep passion for learning. In 2014, fuelled by a desire for new experiences and challenges, I made the bold decision to embark on an international adventure. With my family by my side, we embarked on a journey that led us to Oman, where I continued my career in education within a global context by 2020 during the height of the pandemic my journey took me to Qatar where I am now based.As I navigated the intricacies of international... More About Author