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Disability, Policy and Professional Practice

Disability, Policy and Professional Practice

160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is the first book on working with disabled people to take an aspirational, outcomes-focused approach to professional practice. It forms the first attempt to grapple with the massive legislative and policy shifts in the disability field in the last 15 years and provides an up-to-date, positive approach to professional practice, based on the social model of disability. Disability, Policy and Professional Practice translates both adult and childrens' disability legislation and policy guidance into positive, creative, enabling practice methods for professionals in social care, health, employment and independent living.

The book takes a practical approach that challenges professionals to confront key issues in disability studies, policy and practice. The key topics covered are:

• The Historical Legacy, Legislation, Policy and Guidance

• Community Care and Beyond

• Pivotal Moments in the development of disability policy

• Independent Living, Choices and Rights

• Life course Issues

• Valuing Diversity

• Key Challenges for an aspiring social model practitioner

This book is an indispensable resource for all professionals and students working with disabled people.

The Historical Legacy, Legislation, Policy and Guidance

The Roots of Policy, Legislation and Protection

The Poor Law Origins of Health and Social Care


Community Care and Beyond

Community Care Legislation



Pivotal Moments in the development of disability policy

The Social Model of Disability

'Mainstreaming' Controversies and Critique

Balancing Greater Individual Choice with Resource Equity

The Lessons of History and new Demands in Practice

Positive Practice

Advocacy, Facilitation and Empowerment

The Implications of Equality 2025 and the Growth of Centres of Inclusive Living


Independent Living, Choices and Rights

Enabling Practice in the 21st Century

Working Futures: Work Options and Economic Wellbeing for Disabled people

Direct Payments and In Control: Blazing a Trail for Personalised Social Care

Personalisation and Self Directed Support

Independence, Well-Being and Choice and Beyond

In Control

Individual Budgets


Life course Issues

Every Child Matters: Towards Seamless Child Services

Every Disabled Child Matters

Disabled Children's Wheelchair Services: Some Distance Still to Travel

Transition from Children's to Adult Services

Working with Older Disabled People

Adult Social Care and Older People: Practice Issues

Home-Based Living Options for Disabled People

Practice points with Assistive Technologies

The Family Context: Informal Carers' Issues; Balancing the Rights of Disabled People with Those of Carers


Valuing Diversity

Mental Health

Learning Disabled Service Users

Gender and Disability

Ethnicity and Disability

Sexuality, Sexual Identity and Parenting


Key Challenges for an Aspiring Social Model Practitioner

The Challenge of User Control and Choice; How Should a Social Model Practitioner Act?

Managing the Managers: Budgetary Constraints and Street Level Bureaucracy: Dealing with a Disempowering System

Mental Capacity and Power of Attorney: How Can the Duty of Care be Balanced with Social Model Practice?

Practice Guidance Summarised

Working with Colleagues in User-Led Organizations

Users, Carers and Wider Service Providers: Seeing Disabled People in Context: The Central Place of the Disabled Person

Relating the Legislation and Policy to the Practice Environment: How Can Professionals Develop 'Real Reflexivity' in Working with Disabled People?



Harris & Roulstone provide an exellent overview of current and recent policy relating to disability and critically evaluate the consequences of practical implementation of policy guidelines.

The text is set out in a way that highlights the key assumptions and benefits of policy changes over the past decades and encourages reflective and practical thinking for practitioners in health and social services.

The practical recommendations made are stated clearly and arguments are well supported with evidence from literature. This is a most welcome and useful text, beautifully written and accessible for both students and professionals alike.

I have no hesitation in recommending this text as recommended reading.

Mr David Ormerod
Department of Psychology, Wolverhampton University
August 5, 2011

This was a very good thought provoking text. For students it provides an accessible link between theory policy and practice. It is a challenging read and encourages students to meaningfully engage with the subject matter in the real world

Ms Christine Smith
Social Science , university college of mark st and st john
July 18, 2011

This book reveals insights into the social model of disability in an accessible, meaningful way. The story of social care and disability is told in a way which makes sense and with an easy style. An excellent book.

Mrs Rachel Harrison
Interprofessional Studies, Winchester University
May 13, 2011

Comprehensive text. I have asked our librarian to order copies but I will be interested to see students feedback on it - in places it is a little dry and possibly more suitable for postgraduate students given the assumed knowledge of the reader

Miss Marion Aylott
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol
January 12, 2011

its clearly laid out and well argued

Mrs Anne Fenech
Health Sciences, Southampton University
January 11, 2011

An interesting book that will fit with The Historical and policy Module.
I will reccommend that we get a few copies for our library

Mrs Maria Johnson
Health Human Development & Community Studies, The Grimsby Institute
September 14, 2010

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Jennifer L. Harris

Alan Roulstone

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