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Digital Technologies and Learning in the Early Years

Digital Technologies and Learning in the Early Years

First Edition
Edited by:

April 2017 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

iPads, mobile phones, tablets, and many other digital devices feature in the lives of children from the moment they are born–but what is the place of these technologies in children’s early years and learning experiences?

In the age of the ‘Techno-Tot’ this edited collection focuses on exploring the potential of what children can do with technologies, rather than what technologies can do for children.

With chapters written by a range of international authors, this book:

  • Offers an evidence-based discussion of children’s experiences with technologies in early years education
  • Broadens our understanding of technologies in early years, beyond the typical focus on screen-based media
  • Details the child’s "story" with technology
  • Offers a range of case studies from the UK, USA, Australia, and Europe
Part 1: The Early Years Technological Landscape
Lorna Arnott
Chapter 1: Framing Technological Experiences in the Early Years
Eleni Karagiannidou
Chapter 2: Children’s Technological Learning Journeys
Nicola Yelland and Caja Gilbert
Chapter 3: Re-imagining Play with New Technologies
Part 2: Children’s Technological Experiences
Lorna Arnott, Pauline Duncan and Deirdre Grogan
Chapter 4: Creative and Dramatic Play with Technologies
Kelly Johnston and Kate Highfield
Chapter 5: Technology in Outdoor Play
Rachael Levy and Nathalie Sinclair
Chapter 6: Young Children Developing Literacy and Numeracy Skills with Technology
Jane O’Connor
Chapter 7: Under 3s and Technology
Part 3 - Supporting Playful Pedagogies with Technologies
Jo Bird
Chapter 8: Children's Responses to Working and Non-Working Digital technologies
Marilyn Fleer
Chapter 9: Digital Pedagogy: How teachers Support Digital Play in the Early Years
Susan Danby
Chapter 10: Technologies, Child-Centred Practice and Listening to Children

Young children are exposed to a digital world from the moment they are born and each generation will grow up in an environment different from their parents and more so their grandparents. So technology will influence their lives whether we like it or not and we need to ensure their experiences are both positive and informative. Using case studies from around the world, this book will broaden your understanding of what technology is and how it can be used.

Neil Henty
Early Years Educator

A read that is contemporary and requires further acknowledgement in the field and sector of early years. Many unis are now including modules on the Digital Child and this book should be used as part of the module

Miss marie bradwell
Children and Young People, Plymouth Marjon University
August 28, 2023

Students who completed this module have used the book in varying ways to support their academic writing within the subject of digital advancement in education

Mrs karen Cooke
Sport and Public Services, The Manchester College
November 24, 2022

Excellent book to support understanding of the use of technology within the early years sector. Also supports the debate of how technology supports cognitive development.

Miss Abi Ackerman
Health, Care and Early Years, Yeovil College
April 27, 2019

With an offering of international case studies this book highlights the ever increasing need to understand and assist in utilizing digitalisation in the early years. with so much negativity surrounding digital use it is refreshing to see academics embracing technology at rest and play.

Further and Higher Education, South Essex College - Basildon
February 16, 2018

This book offers an evidenced based discussion about the implications of digital technologies in the life of young children. There are interesting case studies, key definitions and photographs.

Mrs Claire Pescott
Early Years and Education, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
July 28, 2017

Lorna Arnott

Lorna Arnott is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Early Years in the School of Education, University of Strathclyde. Lorna’s main area of interest is in children’s early play experiences particularly in relation to technologies, social and creative play. She also has a keen interest in research methodologies, with a specialist focus on consulting with children and methods derived from pedagogy. Lorna is the convener for the Digital Childhoods, STEM and Multimodality Special Interest Group as part of the European Early Childhood Educational Research Association and is the Deputy Editor for the International Journal of Early Years Education... More About Author

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