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Digital Storytelling for Brands

Digital Storytelling for Brands

August 2023 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Digital storytelling for brands has become a non-negotiable skill in the 21st century, due to the need to connect and communicate with diverse audiences across multiple channels and platforms.  The ability to understand narrative(s) is now a prerequisite for many business, communication, marketing and public relations professionals, as well as content creators and journalists. This book teaches essential skills in deconstructing the traditional narrative and how to adapt narrative to fit contemporary platforms. Co-creative methods are emphasised and provide readers with a theoretical underpinning of participatory culture, and narrative. For the first time ever, this book brings together extant arts and humanities-based models with business theory. It provides learners with a clear understanding of the creative and persuasive form of narrative within a digital context, whilst building brand. Contemporary case studies highlight challenges faced in the digital world, including implications for reputation management, considerations associated with mis- and disinformation and the crucial role of the collective narrative. A key principle guiding this book is: ‘the more digital we become, the more we crave to feel human’ and it is this very space where digital storytelling can cut through the (digital) noise to provide an authentic connection.

Bridget Tombleson is an academic at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, with more than twenty years’ experience in public relations and the communication industry.

Katharina Wolf is an Associate Professor at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and Lead of the Faculty of Business and Law’s public relations program.
Chapter 1: Narrative Models Across the Ages
Chapter 2: Semiotics In A Digital World
Chapter 3: Participatory Culture And Transmedia Storytelling
Chapter 4: The Traditional Narrative And The Collective Narrative
Chapter 5: Telling Stories Across Multiple Platforms
Chapter 6: Becoming a Story Curator
Chapter 7: Storytelling Design And Composition
Chapter 8: Storytelling Through Video And Scrollytelling
Chapter 9: Podcasts For Business Storytelling
Chapter 10: Brand Storytelling And Reputation Management
Chapter 11: Outrage, Mis- and Disinformation In The Digital World
Chapter 12: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality And The Future Of Storytelling

Bridget Tombleson

Bridget Tombleson is an academic at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia with more than twenty years experience in public relations and the communication industry. She has specialist experience in media relations, issues and crisis management, branding, strategy development and internal communications having worked across government, corporate and consultancy roles. Bridget has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and it is this undergraduate knowledge she blends with her postgraduate degrees in Business and Public Relations. She has unique knowledge of storytelling from an arts perspective, as well as applied knowledge... More About Author

Katharina Wolf

Katharina Wolf is an Associate Professor in the School of Management and Marketing at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and Lead of the Faculty of Business and Law’s public relations program. Katharina draws on more than twenty years of communication and media experience, as an educator, researcher and industry professional. Her industry experience encompasses communication and research roles in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Australia. Originally trained as a publishing manager, combined with a lifelong passion for libraries and bookshops, Katharina has always been drawn to stories in all kinds of formats. Katharina... More About Author

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