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Digital Skills for Nursing Studies and Practice

Digital Skills for Nursing Studies and Practice

First edition
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February 2023 | 144 pages | Learning Matters

This practical book equips you with the digital capabilities you need for your nursing studies and career. Whether you are a digital native or less confident with technology, the book develops your ability to harness digital tools and opportunities to enhance your nursing practice. From using technology for better communication, collaboration and participation to honing your technical skills, the book instils the digital mindset you need as a 21st century nurse.

Key features:

·         Mapped to HEE’s Digital Capability Framework

·         Structured around opportunities for self-assessment and reflection to help you identify the areas that require work

·         Focuses on the capabilities specifically needed for the nursing role, using activities and case studies to highlight their application to practice

·         Covers topical issues such as digital wellbeing, online professionalism, data protection and more

Chapter 1: Why digital capabilities are essential for nurses
Chapter 2: Digital toolkit - devices, platforms and tools to support your practice
Chapter 3: Looking after the digital wellbeing of yourself and others
Chapter 4: Harnessing the potential of your digital collaborations
Chapter 5: Unleashing your digital creativity to enhance person-centred care
Chapter 6: How digital curation enhances nursing practice
Chapter 7: Digital innovation in healthcare
Chapter 8: Your ongoing digital development

With the growth of technology and the rapid uptake of digital innovations in healthcare, it is only logical for us as student nurses to become familiar with and proficient in digital skills. This book, perfectly summarises the importance of the digital world, how it supports nursing practice, its potential and how we as professionals, can use it safely and effectively. I think it is an essential asset to every student nurses bookshelf!

Karolina Staniecka, @karolinaviolet, student nurse
University of Salford

This book provides an insight into what competencies nurses should have in the technology arena.

Professor Mojtaba Vaismoradi
Nursing, Nord University
November 23, 2023

Cristina M. Vasilica

Cristina is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Digital and Social Media in Healthcare. Her research focuses on promoting multidisciplinary work and co-creation with the local communities to make deeply impactful positive change. Passionate about co-designing digital products that meet the needs of users, Cristina co-founded the Kidney Information Network to allow patients to share and access information and support. Cristina’s research expertise extends to digital methods, patient and public engagement, information behaviour and digitization of learning for which she received numerous awards. She introduced the Digital Skills Passport... More About Author

Emma Gillaspy

Dr Emma Gillaspy is a National Teaching Fellow, #creativeHE host, academic developer and executive coach. Emma activates the passions of learners and empowers them to reach their potential through a unique blend of appreciative inquiry-based coaching, heutagogy and social learning. Emma uses creative materials and non-linear digital technologies to support this approach which enables non-verbal ways of knowing to emerge, leading to congruent development aligned with learners’ core values and beliefs. More About Author

Neil Withnell

A registered mental Health Nurse, Neil joined the University of Salford in July 2002 as a Lecturer Practitioner in Mental Health Nursing. He made the move to become a full time Lecturer in November 2003 and has carried out various roles before his current role as Associate Dean Academic Student Experience. Neil is passionate about enhancing the student experience and has a keen interest in social media, flexible learning, creative education and technology enhanced learning. More About Author

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