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Digital Media and Innovation

Digital Media and Innovation
Management and Design Strategies in Communication

First Edition

March 2016 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Digital Media and Innovation takes an in-depth look at how smart, creative companies have transformed the business of media and telecommunications by introducing unique and original products and services. Today's media managers are faced with the same basic question: what are the best methods for staying competitive over time? In one word: innovation. From electronic commerce (Amazon, Google) to music and video streaming (Apple, Pandora, and Netflix), digital media has transformed the business of retail selling and personal lifestyle. This text will introduce current and future media industry professionals to the people, companies, and strategies that have proven to be real game changers by offering the marketplace a unique value proposition for the consumer.

Chapter 1: Innovation and the Power of a Good Idea
What Is Innovation?

The Power of a Good Idea

Research and Development

Mavericks and the Power of a Good Idea

Three Strategic Approaches to Business Transformation

Digital Medial and Innovation

Innovation Failure

Chapter 2: Business Model Innovation
Business Model Innovation: Strategies and Approaches

Home Box Office, Inc.


Chapter 3: Product Innovation and Design
Ideation: The Power of New Ideas

Synthesis: Asking the Tough Questions

New Product Development

Product Design

Sony Corporation

The Walt Disney Company


Chapter 4: Business Process Innovation
Business Process: Theoretical Traditions

Business Process and Organizational Performance

Dell Inc.

Walt Disney Company: Disney World Park and Resort


Chapter 5: Innovation Failure
Business and Innovation Failure

Disruptive Technology

The Eastman Kodak Company


The Sony Corporation

Chapter 6: The Diffusion of Innovation Revisited
Diffusion of Innovation

The Innovation/Decision Process

Opinioned Leadership Reconsidered

Rate of Adoption

Product Launches and Introductions

Why New Product Launches Sometimes Fail

Creative Destruction in the Digital Age

The Sharing Economy

The Tipping Point

Chapter 7: The Intelligent Network
The Intelligent Network: Understanding Internal Structures and System Processes

The Intelligent Network

Hierarchical Ordering





Network Holism


Chapter 8: Digital Media and Innovation I
Digital Media

Principles of Digital Communication and Binary Logic


Virtual Communication

Information Search

Chapter 9: Digital Media and Innovation II



Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 10: Smart Cities and the Common Good
Smart Cities

Broadband Delivery and Smart Cities

Net Neutrality

Digital Media and Intellectual Property

Chapter 11: Facebook
Historical Overview

A Business Perspective on the Power of Social Media

Facebook: Business Model Innovation

Facebook’s Business Performance

Privacy Concerns

Political Activism and the Power of Social Media

Chapter 12: Digital News Reporting, Computer Tablets, and the New Journalism
The Causes and Consequences of Newspaper Circulation Decline

The Computer Tablet

Digital News Reporting

Chapter 13: Hacker Culture
A Culture

Having the Right People

Hacker Culture

Risk and Experimentation

Creating the Proper Work Space

Serendipitous Connections

Innovation Centers Within the Mainstream


This is an excellent text. Traditional elements of innovation are discussed, supplemented with some of the more technical elements of digital. A lot of ground is covered, which gives a wide foundation for further reading around specific topics. Good relevant examples from industry included as well.

Mr Guy Boosey
Business, South Devon College
March 30, 2020

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Chapter 1

Chapter 8

Richard A. Gershon

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