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Digital India

Digital India
Understanding Information, Communication and Social Change

First Edition
  • Pradip Ninan Thomas - Associate Professor, School of Communication and Arts (SCA), University of Queensland

June 2012 | 228 pages | SAGE India

India's tryst with the digital is an extensive project and while much media attention is given to flagship projects, the story is also of marginalized peoples, in cities, appropriating digital leaks, using the digital and thereby contributing to the digital economy. It is this battle between enclosing the digital and extending access to it that makes the story of the digital in India an exciting one.

Digital India is a case study-based, critical introduction to the theory and practice of the digital in social change. The volume—with its chapters on telecommunications, software, mobile telephony, e-governance, ICT4D, software patenting, public sector software and cultural piracy—offers an entry point into an understanding of the contested nature of the digital in India via an analysis of theory and practice.

Foreword Dan Schiller


An introduction to the Digital Moment in India

Part I: Information Technology In A Liberalised Economy
The Software Industry in India

Mobile Phones in India: Issues related to Access and Use

Part II: Government 1.0 and Information Technology
Telecommunications and Universal Service Obligations in India

A Critique of ICTs in Development

Part III: Government 2.0 and Information Technology
E-Government, E-Governance and Governmentality

Intellectual Property Conundrums and the State in the Era of the Digital

Public Sector Software in India

Part IV: Contested Information Technology
Piracy in the Contested City: Access, Distribution and Equity



A holistic view of the information technology era in the second most populous country, and analyses the cross-links between information, communication and social change...a book on the topic can become obsolete between the time it is finished and hits the shelves. But it is to the author’s credit here that most information presented in the book remains relevant.... Digital India is a book worth reading to get a bird’s eye view of an industry that has built itself over the past three decades and a nation that is figuring out ways to reap benefits from the assets created.

The Hindu, 4 September 2012

The makes for a good read for anyone looking at understanding the contested nature of the digital in India.

Business India

The arrival of this book is timely in many respects. Given the lack of a comprehensive overview of digital communication in India, it has no obvious competitor and is undeniably valuable in that respect alone… the content of the book is wide ranging….The analytical framework provided by the author is succinct and accessible, making this book eminently suitable as a teaching text for undergraduate and postgraduate students exploring those domains. Given the rich empirical detail, there is also considerable value for scholars and researchers.

Media International Australia

[The book] is a glimpse of the forces that are shaping India’s IT revolution...The author has interspersed his arguments with ample examples from the field. He covers a wide spectrum of policies that are presently under predominantly looks at the relationship between the digital and social change; the role played by structures, policies and products.... The book makes a good read for anyone looking at understanding the contested nature of digital in India.

Business India, 19 August 2012

Pradip Ninan Thomas

Pradip Ninan Thomas is an internationally recognised scholar and academic, and is currently based at the School of Communication & Arts (SCA), University of Queensland. He has published widely in areas including communication and social change, the political economy of communication, media and religion, and Indian media. He has published in the world’s top ranked journals including the Journal of Communication, Media, Culture & Society; the International Communications Gazette; the International Journal of Communication; and the European Journal of Communication along with key Indian ... More About Author

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