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Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy
Issues of Theory and Practice

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240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Digital Democracy offers an invaluable in-depth explanation of what issues of theory and application are most important to the emergence and development of computer-mediated communication systems for political purposes. It addresses how the Internet, and computer-mediated political communication are affecting democracy and focuses on the various theoretical and practical issues involved in digital democracy.
What Is Digital Democracy?

Kenneth L Hacker and Jan van Dijk
Everett M Rogers and Sheena Malhotra
Computers as Communication
The Rise of Digital Democracy

Jan van Dijk
Models of Democracy and Concepts of Communication
Martin Hagan
Digital Democracy and Political Systems
John Keane
Structural Transformations of the Public Sphere
Sinikka Sassi
The Controversies of the Internet and the Revitalization of Local Political Life
Kenneth L Hacker
White House Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and Political Interactivity
Anita Elberse, Matthew Hale and William Dutton
Guiding Voters through the Net
The Democracy Network in a California Primary

Nicholas Jankowski and Martine van Selm
The Promise and Practice of Public Debate in Cyberspace
Jan van Dijk
The Widening Information Gap and Policies of Prevention
Michel Catinat and Thierry Vedel
Public Policies for Digital Democracy
Jan van Dijk and Kenneth L Hacker

`Hacker and van Dijk present an insightful collection exploring the nature of digital democracy.... This book does much to demystify the overused terminology associated with digital democracy, and manages to aviod the hyperbole and utopian tendencies often evident within existing analysis of "cyberpolitics".... highly recommended' - Political Theory

Kenneth L. Hacker

Jan A G M van Dijk

Jan A.G.M. van Dijk (1952) is emeritus professor of communication science and sociology of the information society and still working at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.His main domains of research are the social aspects of the digital media, digital democracy and the digital divide. His best known English books are The Network Society (Four Editions, Sage Publications), Digital Democracy (2000, Sage Publications), The Deepening Divide (2005, Sage Publications), Digital Skills (2014, Palgrave Macmillan), Internet and Democracy (2018, Routledge) and The Digital Divide (2020, Polity Press). Since the year 2020 he is working on an... More About Author

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