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Diet of Despair

Diet of Despair
A Book about Eating Disorders for Young People and their Families

  • Anna Paterson - Eating Disorders Awareness Campaigner, Hertfordshire

January 2002 | 214 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

`Anna has written a very descriptive book of her feeling and the difficult times she went through as she struggled with anorexia. The book gives advice, recovery ideas and encouragement for those who suffer eating disorders' - International Woman

`I enjoyed her style of writing and would certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in eating disorders' - Signpost

`Provides a valuable insight into how a young person with an eating disorder thinks and feels' - Contact a Family

`The style is clear and engaging and ought to reach young people who are experiencing difficulties. The level of information contained would be of equal value to the families of these young people in helping them understand the emotions of their loved ones' - Educational Psychology

Looking in the bathroom mirror for the first time since my illness had begun, I saw how I really looked. I was a walking skeleton, with my skin stretched tight over my bones. My face had become a skull, and when I smiled, it looked like I was wearing a horror mask.

Anna has suffered a serious eating disorder and, more importantly, she has recovered!

In this book she provides the reader with:

" a moving account of her experiences

" information about eating disorders

" a plan for recovery


The book is intended for young people and their families, and all those who care for children at risk.

What is Anorexia Nervosa?
What is Bulimia Nervosa?
Are there Any Other Eating Disorders?
Do Boys and Men Get Eating Disorders?
What are the Dangers of Eating Disorders?
Why do Eating Disorders Start?
Do Thin Women in the Media Influence Me?
Am I Happy That My Body is Changing?
Why do I Feel That Everything is My Fault?
Do I Have Problems With My Body Image?
Why Do I Think About Food All the Time?
What is the `Voice'?
Why Do I Feel the Need to Hurt Myself?
Am I Happy at Home?
What Treatments Are There for My Eating Disorder?
How Do I Start Recovering?
What is a Healthy Diet?
How Do I Learn to Live at a Healthy Weight?
What Are the Benefits of Beating my Eating Disorder?

Anna Paterson

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ISBN: 9781873942192

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