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Development and Public Finance

Development and Public Finance
Essays in Honour of Raja J Chelliah

First Edition
Edited by:
  • D. K. Srivastava - Chief Policy Advisor, EY India, Honorary Professor, Madras School of Economics
  • U. Sankar - Madras School of Economics, Chennai, India

February 2012 | 368 pages | SAGE India
Development and Public Finance is a commemorative volume on late Dr. Raja J. Chelliah, one of the foremost Public Finance experts of India. It is designed as a compendium of essays on contemporary issues of Public Finance and Development, focusing on the rapidly globalizing Indian economy. Well-known scholars and experts have contributed insightful articles to this collection.

All contributions have been exclusively invited for this publication. They represent a weaving of interdependent themes of Development and Public Finance and are sequentially arranged to reflect their interrelationships. Some of the important topics analyzed by the articles are: divestment and privatization; financial transaction tax; carbon tax; fiscal federalism; goods and service tax; decentralization; social policy; and climate change.

Not only is this volume academically rich, it also has an entire section where Dr. Chelliah's peers and colleagues talk about him and how they saw him—the man they variously describe as a great scholar, a brilliant economist, and an indomitable crusader.
C Rangarajan
D K Srivastava and U Sankar
Introduction and Overview
On Strategies for Disinvestment and Privatization

Vijay Kelkar
Financial Transactions Taxes

Parthasarathi Shome
Issues in Design and Implementation of a Carbon Tax System in India

U Sankar
Economic Analysis of India's Double Tax Avoidance Agreements

Arindam Das-Gupta
A Political Cost Model of Fiscal Federalism: Some Empirical Results from Indian Federation

Shyam Nath
Tax Effort of Indian States, 2002-2007

Indira Rajaraman and Rajan Goyal
On the Political Economy of Fiscal Imbalances in India

D K Srivastava
When Should Budget Deficit Be a Serious Concern?

Subra Ramamuthy
Revenue Estimation for Goods and Services Tax

Mahesh C Purohit and Vishnu Kanta Purohit
Contours of Central Banking: Have They Changed?

C Rangarajan
Decentralization and Economic Development: Issues in Policy and Institutional Reform

M Govinda Rao
Modelling Social Choice Policy

Jaya Krishnakumar, Paola Ballon & Juan Tellez
Decentralization in India: Outcomes and Opportunities

Kaliappa Kalirajan & Keijiro Otsuka
Globalization of Knowledge Development

N S Siddharthan
Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation Policies in India

K S Kavi Kumar
Regional Growth Convergence in Indian States: A Panel-Data Approach

K R Shanmugam
Investment and Subsidies in Indian Agriculture: One Variation on a Theme by Dr Raja J Chelliah

Raghbendra Jha
Credit, Bank Branching and Output: Evidence from Indian States

Kausik Chaudhuri and Mary Cherical
A Biographical Sketch

D K Srivastava
Raja Chelliah: Economist without an Honorific 'Indian'

Deena Khatkhate
Dr Chelliah: Great Crusader for Fiscal Reforms

Subra Ramamurthy
Raja Chelliah: An Indomitable Crusader

T S Rangamannar

D. K. Srivastava

D.K. Srivastava is Chief Policy Advisor, Ernst and Young, and Honorary Professor Madras School of Economics (MSE). He was earlier member of the Twelfth Finance Commission, and served as Director, MSE. He was also Professor, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). His latest books include Development and Public Finance: Essays in Honour of Raja J. Chelliah (with Professor U. Sankar), published by SAGE India and Federalism and Fiscal Transfers in India (with Dr C. Rangarajan) published by Oxford University Press India. More About Author

U. Sankar

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