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Development Administration in India

Development Administration in India

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May 2019 | 520 pages | SAGE Texts

This comprehensive textbook addresses the role that the agencies of administrative development play in the functioning of a government, especially in a developing country like India.

Written specifically as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of public administration, Development Administration in India traces and analyses the concerns and challenges faced by administrations and governments to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in India. The book dwells extensively on the importance of NGOs and the role of women and self-help groups in the development of administration in India. Further, it discusses the administrative theories, concepts and functions in the international context.

The highlight of this book is the inclusion of current topics and evaluation of emerging issues such as environmental sustainability, tribal development, ethical deficit and e-governance, which makes this text equally relevant for Civil and State Services Examination aspirants.

Key Features:

• Critical and exhaustive coverage of administrative development from both theoretical and practical perspectives

• Thorough insight into the concepts, concerns and new challenges of development administration in India

• Recent literature, latest data and illustrations in each chapter

Foreword by B. S. Ghuman
Development Administration
Theories of Development Administration: An International Perspective
Theories of Development Administration: An Indian Perspective
Organisation and Role of the Planning Agencies of Development Administration
Women and Self-help Groups in India
Transformation of Development Administration into Sustainable Development
Inclusive Development
Role of International Agencies in the Development Administration in India
Civil Society: A Bridge in Development Administration
Citizen-centric Governance
Environmental Concerns in Development Administration
Tribal Administration in India
Ethical Deficit in Governance


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Anupama Puri Mahajan

Anupama Puri Mahajan, PhD, a researcher and freelance writer, served as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Public Administration, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India. She regularly contributes research articles to reputed journals of public administration, articles in newspapers and chapters in reputed books. She has authored and co-authored books on women’s empowerment and financial administration in India. Her book entitled, Public Administrtaion for Civil Services was released in December 2018.  More About Author

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