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Developing Leadership in Primary Schools

Developing Leadership in Primary Schools

256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A great deal has happened since Managing Primary Schools in the 1990s was first published in 1985 and updated in 1990. Based on this successful book, Developing Leadership in Primary Schools has been written to emphasize the role of leadership in the 21st Century.

Drawing upon a range of practical and theoretical knowledge, the authors explore all aspects of the leadership role. Professional development, collaboration and self-knowledge are at the center of their approach, in the belief that people prefer to be led rather than to be managed and that leadership applies equally to the work of classroom teachers, as well as to the head.

The purposes and processes of leading and managing primary schools, like processes of teaching and learning are complex. They defy generalized prescriptions, easy analysis and simplistic solutions. In this book the authors explore the intricate processes involved in helping people to be, and to perform, at their best, believing that excellent leaders are judged not only by outcomes, but also by the quality of their vision, their relationships, plans and policies and their commitment to growth and achievement for children and staff.

This is a book for all those who wish to improve their thinking and their practice of leadership.

Building the Team
Sharing Roles and Responsibilities

Managing the Learning Lives of Children
Principles and Practices

Change Processes
The Inner Experience
Developing Self-Awareness

Appraisal for Development
Renewing the Team
Managing the Staffing Cycle

Connecting with Communities

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Carol Hall

Dr Carol Hall is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, University of Nottingham. She enjoys teaching practical elements of nursing within pre-registration nursing curricula, as well as supervising pre- and post-registration students in their dissertations and theses. She has a background in Children’s Nursing and Nursing Education. More About Author

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