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Developing a Market Orientation

Developing a Market Orientation

Edited by:
  • Rohit Deshpande - Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Harvard University, USA

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Marketing | Marketing Research

April 1999 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Marketing Service Institute has a 38 years history of funding high-profile scholarly research on topics that have managerial significance. MSI's pioneering work on developing a market orientation' has only been available as a series of working papers, is now presented in book form for the first time by SAGE Publications.

This book demonstrates the importance of market orientation on organizational culture ( the shared set of values in putting customer first), on strategy (creating superior value for a firm's customers), and on tactics (the set of cross-functional activities directed at creating an d satisfying customers)

Rohit Deshpandé
Ajay K Kohli and Bernard J Jaworski
Market Orientation
The Construct, Research Propositions and Managerial Implications

John C Narver and Stanley F Slater
The Effect of Market Orientation on Business Profitability
Rohit Deshpandé, John U Farley and Frederick E Webster Jr
Corporate Culture, Customer Orientation and Innovativeness in Japanese Firms
A Quadrad Analysis

Bernard J Jaworski and Ajay K Kohli
Market Orientation
Antecedents and Consequences

Stanley F Slater and John C Narver
Market Orientation, Performance and the Moderating Influence of Competitive Environment
Alfred M Pelham and David T Wilson
Does Market Orientation Matter for Small Firms?
John C Narver, Robert L Jacobson and Stanley F Slater
Market Orientation and Business Performance
An Analysis of Panel Data

Rohit Deshpandé and John U Farley
Understanding Market Orientation
A Prospectively Designed Meta-Analysis of Three Market Orientation Scales

Stanley F Slater and John C Narver
Market Orientated Is Not Enough
Build a Learning Organization

Judy A Siguaw, Penny M Simpson and Thomas L Baker
The Influence of Market Orientation on Channel Relationships
A Dyadic Examination


Rohit Deshpande

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