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Designing Quality Survey Questions

Designing Quality Survey Questions

Second Edition

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248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This text shows readers how to craft precisely worded survey questions with appropriate response options that provide useful data to help answer research questions. The authors offer guidance on creative approaches to question design to keep respondents engaged, consider different survey administration modes, outline practices for culturally responsive survey design, discuss current language considerations for demographic questions, and consider factors that can influence survey responses. The Second Edition offers more detail about survey question design and includes more on rating scales and open-ended questions. It provides more guidance on cultural responsiveness and equity considerations including use of inclusive language, how to survey youth, and a deeper discussion on asking questions about sex and gender and disability.

Chapter 1 • WHY Quality Surveys and Questions Matter
Part I • WHAT to Consider Before Drafting Survey Questions
Chapter 2 • Planning and Predrafting
Chapter 3 • Understanding Respondents
Part II • HOW to Develop Survey Questions and Response Options
Chapter 4 • Sourcing and Crafting Questions
Chapter 5 • Constructing Response Options
Chapter 6 • Demographic and Other Sensitive Questions
Part III • Knowing WHEN a Survey Is Ready for Use
Chapter 7 • Finalizing Questions and Using Pretesting Strategies
Chapter 8 • Pulling It All Together to Maximize Response
Appendix: Checklist for Quality Question Design

Sheila B. Robinson

Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D is an educator, program evaluator, and professional development workshop facilitator whose survey design experience began with assessment design in K12 public education. She is often an invited keynote speaker and workshop presenter at professional conferences, consultant with educational and other organizations on survey design and program evaluation, and adjunct professor of graduate courses in both program evaluation and professional development design and evaluation. Sheila is an active member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA); she is past chair of AEA’s Pre-K12 Educational Evaluation Topical... More About Author

Kimberly Firth Leonard

Kimberly Firth Leonard, MPA, has built, administered, and taught others about surveys for more than a decade, primarily in the context of program evaluation. Kim is currently the Senior Evaluation Officer at the Oregon Community Foundation where she manages evaluations of several large grant-making initiatives, each of which includes at least one survey-based data collection component. Kim is an active member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and was president of the Oregon Program Evaluators Network in 2013. Kim lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, their new baby girl, two dogs and cat.  More About Author