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Demystifying Mental Capacity

Demystifying Mental Capacity
A guide for health and social care professionals

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April 2020 | 152 pages | Learning Matters
This very practical book helps professionals and students to engage critically with their practice by addressing mental capacity and adult safeguarding. Its accessible and easy to navigate format include key topics surrounding assisted decision making, deprivation of liberty, and consent. 
Lee-Ann Fenge & Sally Lee
Chapter 1: Reflecting on values and bias within mental capacity decision making
Michael Lyne & Sally Lee
Chapter 2: The history and current context of mental capacity legislation and policy
Alex Ruck Keene
Chapter 3: Mental capacity legislation, guidance and case law (1): The Mental Capacity Act and the concept of mental capacity
Alex Ruck Keene
Chapter 4: Mental capacity, legislation, guidance and case law (2): Best interests
Anna Volkmer & Tim Farmer
Chapter 5: Supported Assisted Decision-Making
Sally Lee & Michael Lyne
Chapter 6: Deprivation of liberty: a matter of human rights
Karen Grimshaw
Chapter 7: THe Mental Capacity Act in clinical decisions for care and treatment
Office of the Public Guardian
Chapter 8: MCA and the role of the Office of the Public Guardian
Keith Brown, Lee-Ann Fenge, Sally Lee & Karen Grimshaw
Chapter 9: Conclusion and ways forward
Appendix 1: Specific tips and hints on how to put the MCA Code of Practice (2007) General Communication Guidance into practice
Appendix 2: Content of communication skills training in dementia care
Appendix 3: Guidelines for making written information accessible to different clinical populations
Michael Lyne
Appendix 4: How case law defines the meaning of deprivation of liberty
Teresa Kippax
Appendix 5: The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

This book is an excellent aid to support social work and health care practitioners,  particularly in the context of integrated health and social care with demystifying mental capacity.

This guide is an invaluable aid to practitioners where issues of mental capacity may be of concern. Also an excellent resource for student social workers,  student nurses and medical students re the examining and understanding of the importance in professional practice.

Catherine Randall, Safeguarding Nursing Directorate

Sally Lee

Sally is lecturer and Programme Lead for social work at Bournemouth University. She is also undertaking research on a variety of projects including mental capacity, adult safeguarding and sexual well-being. She completed her doctoral research in 2016 exploring social work practice, physical disability and sexual well-being. This work continues and she is currently developing learning materials (including a short film) around sexual well-being for social care and health practitioners. Sally brings to her academic role extensive social work practice experience built up during more than 25 years of working in diverse practice settings and... More About Author

Lee-Ann Fenge

Before joining Bournemouth University as a lecturer in 1995, she worked as a social worker in adult social services in London and Dorset. Her particular interests are in practice with older people and community care, and she has published an number of journal articles in this area. She also developed and taught a research programme for older people in Community Survey Research – funded by Older and Bolder, in September 2004. More About Author

Keith Brown

Keith holds professional qualifications in nursing, social work and teaching; and academic qualifications in nursing, social work and management. He has worked in the education and training field for over 30 years, working for three universities and three local authority social work departments. Currently he is the Director of the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University and the Director of the Centre for Leadership Impact and Management at Bournemouth. In 2005 he was awarded the Linda Ammon Memorial Award, sponsored by the then Department for Education and Skills, a prize awarded... More About Author

Michael Lyne