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Deconstructing Feminist Psychology

Deconstructing Feminist Psychology

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November 1997 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
At what costs do feminist perspectives join with psychology to revise and improve it? Where does a feminist psychological practice fit in with feminist movements and campaigns? How can feminist psychological practice address issues of difference between women in meaningful ways? An international group of key feminist psychologists use a range of perspectives to explore the relationship between feminist politics and psychological practices in different countries. Deconstructing Feminist Psychology critiques feminist practice within psychology and reflects the diversity of feminist struggles around psychology internationally. It is the first volume of its kind, with chapters written by feminist psychologists in ætransnationalÆ and post-colonial contexts (of South Africa, Serbia, and Puerto Rico), from distinct European traditions of critical psychology and womenÆs studies (of Spain and Germany), as well as psychologyÆs colonial center in the U.S. Issues of race, class, and sexuality figure centrally in the discussions around the politics of feminist practice in psychology. Both timely and engaging, this book makes a major contribution to debates about feminist politics and practice in diverse geo-politics arenas. It will be essential reading for academics and practitioners in psychology and students of feminist psychology.
Erica Burman
Deconstructing Feminist Psychology
Margot Pujal i Llombert
Feminist Psychology or the History of a Non-Feminist Practice
Heidi Sarriera Figueroa
Rethinking Role Theory and Its Aftermath
Mary Crawford
The Reciprocity of Psychology and Popular Culture
Lise Bird
Dances with Feminism
Sidestepping and Sandbagging

Frigga Haug
Questions concerning Methods in Feminist Research of the Everyday
Lenora Fulani
Moving beyond Equality and Identity
Gordana Jovanovi[ac]c
Towards a Communicative Feminist Psychology
Ann Levett and Amanda Kottler
Through a Lens, Darkly

`The book is a critical evaluation of feminist psychology, emphasising both its exclusions and its impact on mainstream psychology.... In contrast to many other feminist psychology publications, the majority of contributors live and work outside Britain and North America... While Western feminist psychologists are now in a position to examine feminist psychology's exclusion of difference , a number of the books contributor's highlight that, in other cultural contexts, feminist psychology itself has yet to impact on mainstream psychology in any significant way.... One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the (unusal) attemot to bridge the academic/practitioner divide by including contributions both from established academics and practitioners of psychology.... [the book] offers an insightful and accessible introduction to the subject in diverse geopollitical contexts outside the UK and the US. It is essential reading for those wishing to know more about feminist psychology across the globe' - The Psychologist

Erica Burman

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