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Decisional Dialogues in a Cultural Context

Decisional Dialogues in a Cultural Context
Structured Exercises

First Edition

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Multi-Cultural Counseling

September 1996 | 148 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Cultivating sensitivity to ethnographic, demographic, status and affiliation differences between people, this practical and creative resource provides a workbook approach to learning interviewing skills.

Numerous activities and exercises are provided to help the interviewer understand the cultural context of decisional interviewing. Case studies are also included to illustrate the types of multicultural situations an interviewer might experience. The book will guide readers toward more accurate interview assessments and appropriate interventions.

Structured Exercises and Experiences to Increase Awareness
Structured Exercises and Experiences to Increase Knowledge
Structures Exercises and Experiences to Increase Skill
Critical Incidents to Demonstrate Awareness, Knowledge, and Skill

Paul B. Pedersen

Paul B. Pedersen is a visiting professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawaii and professor emeritus at Syracuse University. He has taught at the University of Minnesota, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and for six years at universities in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Pedersen was also on the summer school faculty at Harvard University, 1984-988 and the University of Pittsburgh “semester at sea” voyage around the world, spring 1992. International experience includes numerous consulting experiences in Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe, and a Senior Fulbright award teaching at National Taiwan... More About Author

Daniel Hernandez

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